What happened to Cindy James?

What happened to Cindy James?

What happened to Cindy James?

Yet, an autopsy revealed that she died from an overdose of morphine, the sedative flurazepam, and other drugs. Police concluded that she had committed suicide and closed this case in July 1989. Ozzie did not believe Cindy would have been able to stage the scene, but others believed it was possible.

Is Cindy alive?

Deceased (1944–1989) Cindy James/Living or Deceased

Did they ever find Cindy song?

He was sentenced to life in prison. He is still considered a suspect in Cindy's case. However, her body has never been found.

What happened to Roy Makepeace?

Passed away peacefully in Vancouver after a brave battle. He is survived by his daughters Marion and Gwen; grandchildren Jeremy, Inga and James as well as other family members and close friends. BE

Was Cindy James killed?

J Cindy James/Date of death

Who is Teresita Basa?

Details: Born in the Philippines in 1929, Teresita Basa had moved to the United States in the 1960s to study music. She later became a respiratory therapist at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Quiet and unassuming, she was the last person one would expect to be victim of a violent crime.

Where did Cindy James live?

On J, a 44-year old Canadian nurse named Cindy James was found dead in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver. She had been drugged and strangled, with her hands and feet tied behind her back. She was found in the yard of an abandoned home a mile and a half from a small shopping mall where her car was parked. BE

What is the Cindy song?

Cindy Song grew up in South Korea but left in 1995 to live with her aunt and uncle in Virginia. Cindy was enjoying every minute of her new found freedom in America. But on Halloween, 2001, Cindy Song's dream was apparently shattered. It was a Wednesday, the perfect excuse for students to party on a school night.

Who Killed Betsy Aardsma?

professor Richard Haefner Though Aardsma's murder remains officially unsolved, local investigative reporters and two independent authors have published testimony and reports which strongly indicate Penn State geology professor Richard Haefner may have been responsible for her death, which has been described by one author as Pennsylvania's most ...

Who is Avelina Teodoro?

Avelino Teodoro, 16, young murderess. Sixteen-year old Avelina Teodoro, of San Fernando, self-confessed murderer of her classmate, Constancia Pineda, also 16 years old, broke down when the sentence sending her to prison for life was read to her. BE

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