Why did Saito leave Limbo?

Why did Saito leave Limbo?

Why did Saito leave Limbo?

Saito and Cobb had to remind each other that they're in Limbo, which was probably what helped Cobb and Mal escape in the first place: You need another person to remind you who and where you really are.

How do Cobb and Saito get out of Limbo?

Cobb and Mal manage to leave Limbo by committing suicide, presumably straight into the waking world. Robert Fischer and Ariadne also manage to leave Limbo by falling from a high balcony, kicking them back to the third dream level of the Inception dream.

Was Cobb still dreaming at the end of Inception?

In truth, the underlying message as we interpret it of the scenes mentioned above is that Cobb is actually still dreaming, and in the end, his dreams are his new home. ... By the end of the Saito job, Cobb's dream reality has exorcised his marital issues in a sense that he does find his way home at the end of the film.Ordibehe AP

Was Cobb in Limbo at the end?

Ariadne successfully retrieves Fisher, Cobb stays behind in limbo to retrieve Saito, whose wounds also plunged him to limb but I really don't have time to tell you about that in full, and the team gets off the 10-hour flight from Australia to Los Angeles.Khor AP

How long did Saito spend in limbo?

Therefore, Cobb and Saito would have been trapped in limbo for 182 years if they hadn't been kicked out of the dream.Bah AP

What happens to Saito in Rurouni Kenshin?

Saitō appears again during the Kyoto Arc to fight against Shishio Makoto. During this arc, Saitō fights and has his men kill many of Shishio's soldiers. He himself kills the second most powerful warrior amongst the Juppongatana, Uonuma Usui, but suffers deep leg wounds during that battle.

How long were Cobb and Saito in limbo?

182 years Therefore, Cobb and Saito would have been trapped in limbo for 182 years if they hadn't been kicked out of the dream.Bah AP

Why is Saito older than Cobb in limbo?

When the van in level-1 sinks, Cobb drowns, and re-enters Limbo. At this point, he has entered Limbo years after Saito. In the movie, we see that the scene right after the van sinks is with Cobb waking up on the beach. Saito is old because those minutes between both deaths felt like decades in limbo.

Is he awake at the end of Inception?

To be clear, DiCaprio's Cobb is awake at the end of the movie and reunited with his real children, not false projections that could never realize these young souls in all their perfections and all their imperfections. They're the real deal. AP

How did Cobb and Saito get back from Limbo?

  • COBB: "Come back and we'll be young men together again." Thus it's implied that this is how they get back, and the Cobb, having spent so much time in Limbo and having done it before, is able to still distinguish reality from the dream. The shot from before brought Saito to Limbo, but he is now hale and whole.

What happens to Saito in the third level of inception?

  • When Saito dies in the third level and sinks to Limbo, he's already begun to age in ways that not even Cobb can fully understand. In Inception, one of the final twists is that Saito has accepted Limbo as reality.

What are the rules of limbo in inception?

  • The rules of Limbo are explained throughout Inception. Nolan's film begins with an extended sequence that explains Cobb's line of work and how his team extracts information by exploring dreams within dreams. Saito, a wealthy businessman, enlists DiCaprio's character to shut down a rival company.

Why did Saito and Cobb return to the real world in inception?

  • The old friends return to the real world, and Saito immediately honors his agreement by making the phone call that he promised all along, one that will allow Cobb to return to his family. Both men are clearly dazed upon waking up in Inception because they've been trapped within their subconscious much longer than the rest of the team.

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