Who was Clara Barton's husband?

Who was Clara Barton's husband?

Who was Clara Barton's husband?

David Barton (1808-1888) Captain David Barton served as an Assistant Quartermaster for the Union army during the Civil War. Clara learned to ride horses from her brother David.

Did Clara Barton start the Red Cross?

Clarissa Harlowe Barton, known as Clara, is one of the most honored women in American history. Barton risked her life to bring supplies and support to soldiers in the field during the Civil War. She founded the American Red Cross in 1881, at age 59, and led it for the next 23 years.

How many lives did Clara Barton save?

Through her work, she and her staff were able to identify around 22,000 missing soldiers, and the DC office where she worked is now a museum.

How did Clara Barton find the Red Cross?

The American Red Cross was founded in 1881, after Clara Barton learned of the international movement while visiting Geneva, Switzerland in 1869. This is the invitation Clara Barton sent for the first Red Cross meeting.

Who is Sarah Barton?

Sarah Barton is a filmmaker with more than 20 years' experience and has focused mainly on making films about disability. Her first major film UNTOLD DESIRES (1994) about sexuality and disability won the first Logie Award for SBS television and an AFI Award for most outstanding documentary.

Was Clara Barton's mother nice to her?

Her mother was not kind to her. Her siblings were more parents than playmates. However, Clara's childhood wasn't all bad.

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