Are High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider connected?

Are High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider connected?

Are High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider connected?

The second is 1985's Pale Rider, which feels like a spiritual sequel to High Plains Drifter. Pale Rider is probably one of Eastwood's most underrated as director and here's a guide to the film's characters.

Who was the horse in Pale Rider?

AS the Book of Revelations puts it, ''Behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death. '' ''Pale Rider'' is the title of Clint Eastwood's entertaining, mystical new western, and the name of him who sits on the pale horse is, simply, the Stranger, also called Preacher when he chooses to wear a turned collar.

What kind of horses were used in spaghetti westerns?

On top of all that, most of the horses used in the films are Andalusians, Luisitanos and crosses of those Iberian breeds. Rarely do you see the American quarter horse in these films.

Is Pale Rider a remake of Shane?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to have escaped everybody's notice that Clint Eastwood's hit western ''Pale Rider'' is simply a remake of George Steven's 1953 hit western ''Shane. ... Eastwood is being blurbed as an original, mature producer and director.

What is the prequel to Pale Rider?

When I finished Pale Rider, our own Dr Action, Paul Crowson from the Facebook Group, told me to check out High Plains Drifter as it can almost be seen as a prequel. So I did. In this one Eastwood plays The Stranger. He rides in to the town of Lago whose residents don't take too kindly to strangers.

What was Josey Wales horse name?

I reckon so. lone waddie! In the 1976 movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" the horse Clint Eastwood rode was known as "Parsons" in the film business. Steve McQueen also rode "Parsons" in the 1980 film "Tom Horn".

What was the name of Clint Eastwood horse?

Clint Eastwood (Rowdy Yates) horse – Midnight The horse that Clint Eastwood rode in Rawhide was, at the time, a well known cast horse ridden by many, many stars. As he outgrew the cast horse placement he was used as a leader for 4-up and 6-up hitches with the stage coaches, etc.

What breed of horse was Tumbleweed?

Harvey is falsely accused of cowardice and the townsfolk threaten to lynch him. Harvey escapes on a borrowed Cayuse horse named Tumbleweed, and tries to prove his innocence, discovering that a white man was responsible for the attack.

What type of horse did Clint Eastwood ride in High Plains Drifter?

What type of horse did Clint Eastwood ride in Pale Rider? and Pale Rider. The dapples on this horse are called star dapples. He was born black and is turning grey in a spectacular way.

What was the movie Pale Rider based on?

The movie's title is taken from the Book of Revelation, chapter 6, verse 8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." The reading of the biblical passage describing this character is neatly choreographed to correspond with the sudden appearance of the ...

How is Pale Rider different from High Plains Drifter?

  • In Pale Rider it's not a question of The Preachers identity that's open to interpretation, just whether you believe he is a ghost or not, whereas in High Plains Drifter it's open to interpretation as to actually who The Stranger is.

Who is the nameless stranger in High Plains Drifter?

  • As the nameless stranger who comes to the defense of townsfolk in both HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER and PALE RIDER, Clint Eastwood might just as well be on the same horse. Study the comparisons between the two Westerns, both directed by Eastwood, in this double feature.

Who is the director of High Plains Drifter?

  • This article contains spoilers for both High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider. I recently watched High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider for the first time. Both films were directed by and star Clint Eastwood and also share some similar themes. I'll talk about Pale Rider first as that's the one I watched first.

What was the story of the movie Pale Rider?

  • I'll talk about Pale Rider first as that's the one I watched first. It tells the story of a small mining town whose residents are victims of raids from the gang members, employed by a local businessman and owner of a big mining group, Coy LaHood, who is trying to force them from their land so he can have a monopoly on gold mining in the area.

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