Does Claire love Frank or Jamie?

Does Claire love Frank or Jamie?

Does Claire love Frank or Jamie?

In season one Claire was first introduced as a nurse married to her husband Frank in the 1940s. However, through a series of unexplained events, she was catapulted into the past where she met a young Jamie. The pair married and eventually fell in love, leaving Claire tortured over who to be with.

Why did Claire fall in love with Jamie?

Through her marriage to Jamie, the Scotsman would be able to legitimately protect her from the evil Redcoat and his kind. ... She said Claire fell for Jamie because of his “emotional intelligence”, saying the scene where Jamie hit her in season one for running away was important in the development in their relationship.

Why does Claire Stop Loving Frank?

Claire felt some guilt over Frank's death, as well as the fact he stayed with her in spite of her love for Jamie. She felt as though he had wasted the past twenty years with her. So it would make sense that she had unfinished business and may see his ghost eventually down the line.

Is Jamie unfaithful to Claire?

While Jamie doesn't cheat on Claire, the accusations will rock Fraser's Ridge as his honour is called into question.

When did Claire fall in love with Jamie?

Therefore, viewers wanting to reminisce on their relationship might be curious about when they first confirmed their love for one another. The magical moment came in season one, episode 12, which was called Lallybroch.

Is Dougal in love with Claire?

Dougal was always attracted to Claire but he is a cunning man. "He didn't act on the desires he had until he could gain actual benefit from them." Thankfully, Jamie survived, allowing him and Claire to reunite together as husband and wife once again.

Did Claire really love Frank?

While fellow producer Toni Graphia said: “We did talk about this stuff quite a bit because it's really important, I think to show that Claire really tried with Frank.” Producer Ronald D. ... Graphia went on to say about Claire's motivations in sleeping with him: “And Frank was her first love, so she does care for him.

Does Jamie forgive Claire for sleeping with John GREY?

Does Jamie forgive Claire for sleeping with John GREY? Jamie has forgiven Lord John Grey However, it's not just as simple as moving on. He understands that John and Claire married out of necessity. They both believed Jamie to be dead and Claire could have found herself in a lot of trouble without John as her husband.

Did Jamie kiss Laoghaire make Claire jealous?

Laoghaire lassos Jamie for a kiss, but Jamie especially enjoys it when he realizes Claire is watching. ... Claire's voiceover tells us that she feels guilty for teasing Jamie and that she did it because she was jealous… not jealous of Laoghaire but of their “intimacy.” Then she has thoughts of Frank.

What did Frank know about Claire going back to Jamie?

  • We find out in season 4 that Frank actually knew that Claire would go back to Jamie, and even learned of her own demise in the apparent fire that will occur at Fraser’s Ridge. He kept this information to himself, however, until Bree found the document later on.

Is it possible for Claire and Jamie to repair their relationship?

  • Only time will tell if the two will repair their new relationship, but the odds of reconciliation are likely in their favor. Even though Claire and Jamie’s chemistry is undeniable and their love for one another knows no bounds, there still is lingering jealousy there, particularly on Jamie’s side.

Why are Frank and Claire always missing each other?

  • They’re both good people, but circumstances have dictated that they fall into this pattern. They just keep missing each other. For Claire, Frank will never be able to give her what Jamie gave her. He’ll never be able to meet that expectation, ever. And for Frank, Claire has abandoned him in so many ways.

Why did Jamie send Claire back through the stones?

  • In one of the most emotional moments of the series, Jamie sends Claire back through the stones at Craigh Na Dun just before the Battle of Culloden with their unborn daughter in tow. He does this because he fears for their safety, and trusts that Frank will take care of them.

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