Who had a crush on Clare Grogan?

Who had a crush on Clare Grogan?

Who had a crush on Clare Grogan?

Gary Kemp Amongst those who wished her a happy birthday was Gary Kemp who admitted he had a crush on Clare when he was younger and famously wrote the hit Spandau Ballet song True abut her.Esf AP

Who did Clare Grogan marry?

Stephen Lironim. 1994 Clare Grogan/Spouse

What does Clare Grogan do now?

At the age of 57, Clare has just finished filming her first cooking show. ... Clare is well-placed to turn her hand to a cooking programme. Her husband is former Altered Images bandmate, music producer Stephen Lironi, who is also a successful restaurateur in London.Bah AP

Who wrote a song for Claire Grogan?

Original songs
TitleWritten by
Happy BirthdayJohnny McElhone, Tich Anderson, Clare Grogan, Tony McDaid
I Could Be HappyJohnny McElhone, Tich Anderson, Clare Grogan, Tony McDaid, Jim McKinven
The Opposite of EverythingEric Lowen, Dan Navarro, Clare Grogan, Stephen Lironi

How old is Gregory in Gregory's Girl?

35-year-old Sequel. Gregory's Two Girls was released in 1999, with Sinclair reprising the role of Gregory, who by then was a 35-year-old teacher in his former secondary school.

How old was Clare Grogan in Gregory's Girl?

18 "Sometimes they ask me if I can lie down in a bank of grass and dance," says Grogan, who was just 18 when she filmed that scene in the film four decades ago.Ordibehe AP

Did Clare Grogan date Gary Kemp?

"True" was composed by group leader Gary Kemp, who wrote the song at his parents' house while living there. ... The song was partly about Kemp's platonic relationship (and unrequited love) with Altered Images singer Clare Grogan.

How old is Clare Grogan now?

59 years (Ma) Clare Grogan/Age

Why did Clare Grogan leave Red Dwarf?

She had a recurring role playing Dave Lister's would-be love-interest, Kristine Kochanski, in series 1, 2 and 6 of the TV show Red Dwarf. However she was deemed too old for the role by Series 7 – despite being younger than most of her male counterparts – and replaced by Chloë Annett.

Who did Gary Kemp wrote True about?

Gary Kemp True/Composers

How old was Clare Grogan when she joined Altered Images?

  • Grogan was the youngest in the gang. She was 16 when she joined Altered Images, who got their first gig after writing to the Siouxsie and the Banshees' fan club to say they were available as support for Scottish tours.

What did John Peel say to Clare Grogan?

  • Grogan becomes visibly emotional when asked about how it felt to be championed by the legendary DJ during the early days of Altered Images, and recalls some of his words of wisdom. “I remember John Peel saying to me when I was really young ‘If people want you, go’.

Who was Susan in Gregory's girl with Clare Grogan?

  • Soon after, director Bill Forsyth spotted Grogan in a cafe where she was working as a waitress and cast her as Susan in Gregory's Girl, the subject of many a teenage boy's first crush.

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