Did Clayton Kershaw ever have Tommy John surgery?

Did Clayton Kershaw ever have Tommy John surgery?

Did Clayton Kershaw ever have Tommy John surgery?

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts announced an MRI did not reveal Clayton Kershaw suffered any ligament damage and he isn't going to require Tommy John surgery. It's a positive turn of events after the left-hander came out of his last start due to forearm discomfort.

Why are so many pitchers having Tommy John surgery?

The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) is the primary stabilizer of your elbow during throwing. When a baseball pitcher tears their UCL it is surgically reconstructed. This is commonly known as 'Tommy John Surgery”. The rates of these surgeries are on the rise.

Who invented Tommy John's surgery?

The goal of the surgery is to stabilize the elbow, reduce or eliminate pain and restore stability and range of motion. This procedure was introduced and first performed by Frank Jobe, M.D., on baseball pitcher Tommy John in 1974—hence the colloquial name Tommy John surgery.

How common is Tommy John surgery?

The oft-cited 2015 study showed the overall average incidence of Tommy John surgery in the database of athletes from recreational to big-league levels was just under ,000 patients. But for the 15-19 age group it was ,000 patients, which the study's authors termed “a staggering statistic.”

What happened Max Muncy?

They lost home-run leader Max Muncy to an elbow injury, a development that hurts their title hopes. “The noise … I hear my elbow popping … I did dislocate my elbow on the play, and it popped back in when I was rolling on the ground,” Muncy said.

How much does Scott Alexander make?

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Why are there so many Tommy John injuries?

By Dan Peterson, TeamSnap's Sports Science Expert. Pitchers have been throwing the baseball too fast, too often and too young, causing a tenfold increase in the last ten years of Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) reconstructive surgeries (aka Tommy John surgery).

What percentage of pitchers have Tommy John surgery?

Frank Jobe's death in the spring of 2014, one-third of all MLB pitchers have had Tommy John surgery. It also stated that during the 2000s an average of 16 pitchers had the surgery each year.

How much does Tommy John surgery cost?

Tommy John surgery takes about an hour on the operating table. What follows is at least 364 days of rehabilitation. Cost of the surgery, according to a Gainesville (Ga.) Times story that cited the Georgia Sports Orthopedic Specialists center, is more than $15,000, and that doesn't include rehab.

Can you still pitch after Tommy John surgery?

After surgery, a pitcher's workload typically decreased without a change in their performance per inning. Hence, pitchers do not perform worse after UCL reconstruction, but they do pitch less after surgery.

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