Why didn't Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio get along?

Why didn't Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio get along?

Why didn't Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio get along?

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly didn't get along on the set of 'Romeo + Juliet' ... Despite the age gap, Danes thought DiCaprio was too immature. Meanwhile, the Titanic actor allegedly found Danes to be “too uptight.” Because of their differences, sources claim they barely even spoke to each other offset.

Who turned down Rose in Titanic?

GWYNETH PALTROW: ROSE, TITANIC "I know that the story is that I turned it down," Paltrow told Howard Stern. "I think I was really in contention for it - I was one of the last two." Regardless, Paltrow isn't bitter.

Was Claire Danes in the Titanic?

Claire Danes has revealed that she was offered the role of Rose in James Cameron's Titanic before Kate Winslet, but turned it down because she had just starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the romantic epic Romeo + Juliet.

How old was Claire Danes when filming Romeo and Juliet?

17-years-old Why was Claire Danes cast as Juliet? At 17-years-old, Danes looked older and more suited to DiCaprio. At the time, she was on a show called My So Called Life which had just been cancelled.

Which actress turned down lead role in Titanic?

Gwyneth Paltrow But it almost happened–in a 2015 interview on The Howard Stern Show (as reported by Redbook magazine), the Shakespeare in Love actress revealed that she said “no” to the iconic role. “My mother will kill me that I'm talking about turning down movie roles,” she said. “She says it's not ladylike…

Who was offered the role of pretty woman first?

The role of Vivian was originally offered to another movie star. The studio didn't have Roberts in mind to play the character opposite Richard Gere. The part was actually offered to Molly Ringwald.

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