Did Cissy Houston sing for Elvis Presley?

Did Cissy Houston sing for Elvis Presley?

Did Cissy Houston sing for Elvis Presley?

Cissy Houston (born Emily Drinkard on Septem) is a gospel and soul singer. She led a successful career as a backup singer for such artists as Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, and Aretha Franklin, and is now primarily a solo artist.

Who was the backup singers for Elvis Presley?

They are, left to right: Cissy Drinkard Houston, Myrna Smith, Sylvia Shemwell and Estelle Brown. Elvis, emboldened by his own American Studio recordings that had put him back in the top ten in 1969, Elvis decided to return to performing in public. BE

Why was Elvis Laughing on Lonesome Tonight?

While singing "Are You Lonesome Tonight," Elvis started laughing. ... In his biography of Elvis Presley, Peter Guralnick writes that it was the sound of background singer Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney, that got Elvis laughing. Her soprano part on this tune has been likened to the sound of wobbling saw blade. BE

Why did Scotty Moore leave Elvis?

While faring well with romance, Presley was having trouble with his business affairs. Two musicians who have been with him since he started his singing career four years ago have quit in a pay dispute. Bill Black and Scotty Moore said they resigned Saturday, effective Sept. 21. BE

Did Kathy Westmoreland write a book about Elvis?

Kathy Westmoreland: Elvis' Voice of an Angel contains 43 photos including numerous pictures of Elvis and Kathy by famed Elvis photographers Bob Heis and Keith Alverson This book spans Kathy's life before, during and after her years with Elvis Presley and includes interviews with friends from all three eras.

Who was the backup singer for Elvis Presley?

  • Elvis Presley and his then background singer, Cissy Houston During an interview with NVLP a few years ago, Cissy admitted why she wasn’t exactly excited about singing backup for one of rock-n-roll’s biggest legends. In fact, she made it clear she wasn’t a fan of his music.

Why was Cissy Houston not a fan of Elvis?

  • Since Cissy had a great deal of respect for her gospel roots, singing for Elvis Presley wasn’t exactly the honor most fans would expect. However, things changed once she met Elvis in Las Vegas, NV. She realized he was more than just a stereotypical rock-n-roller, but a real musician. “I wasn’t a fan of his,” she said flatly.

Why did Cissy Houston leave Sweet Inspirations?

  • While Cissy admitted she enjoyed most of her time singing backup for Elvis, along with her fellow Sweet Inspirations ‘sisters,’ she revealed there came a time when the job was a bit overwhelming. She ultimately decided to leave the group to focus on raising her children.

When did Sweet Inspirations sing backing vocals for Elvis?

  • In 1967, The Sweet Inspirations sang background vocals for The Jimi Hendrix Experience on the track " Burning of the Midnight Lamp ". In 1969, they were hired to sing backing vocals for American singer Elvis Presley in Las Vegas on his return to live performances during July and August 1969.

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