Who did Chris on MAFS get pregnant?

Who did Chris on MAFS get pregnant?

Who did Chris on MAFS get pregnant?

On their wedding day, Chris told cameras that he wasn't attracted to his wife. Despite having sex multiple times on their honeymoon, he had a panic attack the next morning and admitted he didn't find her attractive. On their honeymoon, Chris learned his ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick was pregnant with their child. BE

What was Chris secret on mafs?

Heading into Decision Day, it seemed obvious that the pair were going to divorce after Chris told Paige he was still in love with his pregnant ex-fiancée. However, during the final episode of the season, he revealed that his ex had lost the baby and that he still has feelings for Paige. BE

When did Chris and Mercedes lose their baby?

  • As it turns out the couple lost their baby in October of 2020. And the entrepreneur just revealed details of the miscarriage on his social media page. This is indeed a sad revelation for the couple who caused quite a stir on Season 12 of MAFS with their pregnancy news.

Who is Chris from married at first sight Baby Mama?

  • Who is 'Married at First Sight's' Chris' baby mama? Chris William's ex-fiancée and alleged mother of his child is named Mercedes Myrick. Mercedes works at NBA TV in Atlanta, and used to be a Digital Content Producer at the sports site Bleacher Report.

When did Mercedes from married at first sight miscarriage?

  • He noted that on Octo, they rushed Mercedes to the hospital and that’s when the tragic incident occurred. The Married at First Sight star continued to detail the events of what took place on the day Mercedes suffered her miscarriage.

Who was Chris Williams ex fiancee that had a miscarriage?

  • Chris Williams says ex-fiancee, Mercedes suffered a miscarriage. Pic credit:Lifetime Married at First Sight star Chris Williams, just shared heartbreaking news about the child he was expecting with his ex-fiancee.

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