Did the Buddha return to his family?

Did the Buddha return to his family?

Did the Buddha return to his family?

After the Buddha preached the dharma to the messengers, they were all ordained into the sangha. ... After this request from his father Gautama Buddha returned to his father's kingdom where he preached dharma to him. Gautama later returned again to his father's kingdom to see his father's death.

What was the name of Buddha's wife and son?

  • Answer Wiki. Yashodhara(wife of Buddha) and rahul (son of Buddha and yashodhara). When Buddha left the palace his wife also started living like a monk . She took meal once in a day.

Why did the Buddha leave home as a young man?

  • The Buddha tells us that despite this refinement he was horrified and humiliated to see the indignities of “aging, sickness, and death” and considered that these would happen to him too. “Should I not seek a release from aging, illness, and death?” he asked himself. He next tells us that he left home as a young man.

Why did Prince Siddhartha leave his wife and son?

  • Prince Siddhartha left his wife and new born son in looking for a solution for the suffering of humans, he did his research for 6 hard long years and attained “Nibbana (Enlightenment)”. With the attainment of NIbbana, he became the Thathagatha Buddha, who has dissolved all worldly bonds.

How many years after the death of the Buddha was it written down?

  • It must have been based on a familiar, older tradition, but that tradition may still have come to be hundreds of years after the Buddha died (it was written down between 5 years after his death).

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