What has happened to Nicole Kessinger?

What has happened to Nicole Kessinger?

What has happened to Nicole Kessinger?

She is reportedly still living in hiding, more than two and half years after the murders. Carter told the Daily Mail that Watts said he killed his wife because he didn't want to pay child support and that he didn't want the son she was expecting.

What did Shannon Watts do for a living?

The Watts family lived in a five-bedroom home in Frederick, Colorado, which they purchased in 2013, and declared bankruptcy in 2015. Christopher was employed by Anadarko Petroleum, while Shanann worked from home selling a product called Thrive for the multi-level marketing company Le-Vel.

Was Nichol Kessinger involved in murders?

In Nichol Kessinger's eyes, he was a "softly spoken" father-of-two, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Instead, he was a lying murderer who killed his pregnant wife Shanann, 34, along with their two daughters, Bella, 4 and Celeste, 3 on Aug.

Who is Chris Watts and what did he do?

  • The Colorado father serving multiple life sentences for the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters sent letters from prison that contain shocking revelations that conflict with claims Chris Watts made to law enforcement officials.

Who was Chris Watts girlfriend at the time of the murders?

  • Watts has also reportedly found religion in prison. Chris Watts and his girlfriend Nichol Kessinger. (Netflix) Who was Chris Watts’ girlfriend? Chris Watts’ girlfriend at the time of the murders was Nichol Kessinger.

Who was Chris Watts girlfriend before shanann Watts?

  • Here, find the answers to the biggest questions about Chris Watts , Shanann Watts and his then-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger. Please be warned that the details of this case are extremely disturbing and may be a trigger to some.

How old is Nicole Kessinger Chris Watts girlfriend?

  • Nicole Kessinger came into the center of public attention as the girlfriend of Chris Watts’, the murderer who ended the lives of his pregnant wife and their two daughters. She was born in 1988 in Colorado, the USA. Nicole holds American nationality; given that the exact date of her birth is unknown, as of 2021, she might be 31 or 32 years old.

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