Who did Antwone Fisher marry?

Who did Antwone Fisher marry?

Who did Antwone Fisher marry?

LaNette Fisherm. 1996 Antwone Fisher/Spouse

Did Antwone Fisher marry his girlfriend?

In 1996, Fisher married his wife, LaNette Fisher, with whom he has two children. In 2001, Fisher published his autobiography, Finding Fish. After this, Fisher fielded several competing offers for the film rights.

What happens at the end of Antwone Fisher?

Following the graduation ceremony, Davenport tells Antwone that he's ending the sessions and feels Antwone needs to progress on his own. Antwone breaks down, feeling everyone has abandoned him. He reveals his best friend Jesse was killed while attempting a robbery, and that he resents Jesse for leaving him behind.

What happened to Antoine Fisher?

Fisher is still working as a director, author, poet, lecturer, college professor, movie producer, and screenwriter. His latest book, A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie: And Other Lessons for Succeeding in Life, was published by Simon & Schuster in April 2010.

How old is the real Antwone Fisher?

62 years (Aug) Antwone Fisher/Age

Does Derek Luke have a child?

He has been married to Sophia Adella Luke since Ap. They have one child.

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