What was Chris Watts reason for killing his family?

What was Chris Watts reason for killing his family?

What was Chris Watts reason for killing his family?

Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann Watts because he wanted to pursue his fledgling romance with colleague Nichol Kessinger and also because he didn't want another child with Shanann.

Why did Chris Watts put his daughters in oil?

That's why the cause of death was smothering. ... According to the report, Watts also indicated that he dropped his daughters in the oil tankers to make sure they were actually dead, though he reportedly assured investigators he knew they were dead when he dropped them in.

What did Chris Watts do to his daughters?

Bella Watts Celeste Watts Christopher Watts/Daughters

Why did Chris Watts parents hate Shanann?

Speaking from his Wisconsin prison cell, Watts admitted that Shanann had been estranged from his parents at the time of her murder, allegedly thinking that they were deliberately intending to do harm to their grandchildren — and, what's more, his parents were equally distraught over their son's relationship with a ...

Did Chris Watts put daughters in oil tank alive?

Bella and Celeste, whose bodies were sitting for days in oil tanks containing unprocessed crude oil, reportedly had the substance in their throats, stomachs, and lungs. The autopsy of the two children stated that the cause of their death was asphyxiation due to smothering.

How did they get Bella and Cece out of the oil tanks?

Then, once the tanks were emptied, men in self-contained breathing gear entered and removed the bodies of Bella and Celeste, whose skin came off their bodies as they were passed out of the tanks. ... 'We anticipated the bodies to be covered in crude oil and were going to use the pools to put each body in, once recovered.

How were Chris Watts daughters killed?

Bella, who was 4, comes in and asks what was wrong with mom and Chris wraps Shan'ann in a blanket and carries her to his truck. He puts the two kids in the backseat and drives to his work site. He then smothers Celeste in the backseat and puts her body in an oil tank and does the same with Bella in another tank.

Where did Chris Watts daughters go?

He put his wife's body in a shallow grave and his daughters in crude oil tanks on Anadarko property where Chris worked.

What did Chris Watts say about Shanann?

However, he changed his story during another correspondence to say he didn't. “So, I'm not sure what the truth is there but I believe he drugged her again,” she said. “Shanann was a vivacious and tenacious woman. I believe that she would have fought back and there was no sign that she fought back at all.”

Did Chris Watts put his daughters in oil tanks alive?

DERANGED murderer Chris Watts admitted that he smothered his two daughters to death before dumping their bodies in oil tanks. He also admitted to killing his pregnant wife Shanann Watts in the same fashion before tossing her body in a shallow grave.

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