How did Chris Lane meet Lauren?

How did Chris Lane meet Lauren?

How did Chris Lane meet Lauren?

Lane and Bushnell met at a radio event in Austin, Texas, in 2015, but a few years passed before their romance blossomed. In August of 2018, he (finally) invited her to join him and a group of friends on vacation -- and even then, he didn't exactly make the best impression.

What Chris Lane video is Lauren Bushnell in?

Chris Lane's been on a hot streak recently with songs that take inspiration from his personal life. His romantic “Big, Big Plans,” which hit No. 1 on the country charts in December, spoke to his relationship with his wife, Lauren Bushnell, and the singer even used footage from his proposal to make the music video.

What songs has Chris Lane written?

Chris Lane Song list

  • Big, Big Plans (2019)
  • Drunk People (2018)
  • Fill Them Boots (2021)
  • Fix (2016)
  • For Her (2016)
  • Hero (2018)
  • I Don't Know About You (2018)
  • Summer Job Money (2021)

Who wrote fill them boots Chris Lane?

Lane wrote the good-natured come-on song on the bus one night after a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Josh Miller, Ernest K Smith, and Mark Trussell. The singer had had the title stored away in his phone notes, inspired by how he and his wife Lauren first met. He threw out the idea, and it stuck.

What does Lauren Bushnell do for a living?

Flight attendant Lauren Bushnell/Professions

How long did Lauren and Chris Lane date?

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell moved in together in 2019 In March 2019, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell truly took things to the next level when they moved in together. At that point, the two had only been an official couple for five months, so that big of a step must have meant that they were serious about each other.

Who's the girl in the video with Chris Lane I don't know about you?

Hannah Ann Sluss Country music artist Chris Lane's “I Don't Know About You” music video features the North Carolina native pursing a potential love interest at a local bar. Does the beautiful brunette look familiar? There's a reason for that— it's Hannah Ann Sluss from the new season of The Bachelor!

Who is the girl in Chris Lane music video?

If you watched Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor and wondered where you've seen Hannah Ann Sluss before, you may have seen her as the love interest of Chris Lane's music video. The 24-year-old model dipped her toe into acting in the 2018 video. Hannah played the role of a girl that Chris buys a drink for at the bar.

Does Chris Lane write his own songs?

“Once I got a taste of what it was like to be on stage,” says Lane, “and more and more people came out to the shows, I thought, 'well, I should try and write my own music. ' I sat down and wrote twelve songs. ... “It's out of the box for country music, and that's how I like to be.”

What song is Chris Lane known for?

YearSinglePeak chart positions
US Country Airplay
2017"Take Back Home Girl" (featuring Tori Kelly)8
2018"I Don't Know About You"1
2019"Big, Big Plans"1

When did Chris Lane propose to Lauren Bushnell?

  • Lane made good on his proposal promise on J, popping the question at his future wife’s family home in Oregon. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. “Do not expect a long engagement,” a source told Us in June 2019.

Who was Chris Lane married to on the Bachelor?

  • Chris Lane married Lauren Bushnell, the winner of the 20th season of The Bachelor, on Octo, in Nashville. He wrote this personal track to play when he proposed to Lauren in her parents' backyard. "I'mma put a diamond on her hand," he declares. Chris Lane ran his proposal plans by Brad Paisley when they were touring together.

Who are the co-writers of big plans by Chris Lane?

  • Chris Lane co-wrote the song with Ernest K Smith and Jacob Durrett. The trio didn't set out to pen it about the singer's marriage plans, but after three failed attempts to complete the tune, it finally took shape once Lane shared his intention to drop down on one knee.

How did Chris Lane propose to Brad Paisley?

  • Chris Lane ran his proposal plans by Brad Paisley when they were touring together. The " Remind Me " singer admitted to People that he advised against it. "I had some friends on the [tour] bus, and they were all like, 'That sounds pretty awesome,'" Paisley recalled.

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