Why should you not list friends as a reference?

Why should you not list friends as a reference?

Why should you not list friends as a reference?

Even if you have a coworker who is more of a friend than a coworker, you may want to avoid listing them. Listing the above as references may actually hurt your chances of being hired more than help.

Can I use coworkers as references?

Colleague Someone you worked alongside at a previous job, even if they weren't your boss, can be an excellent reference. They will be able to speak about things you worked on together and what you achieved as a team.

Who to use as a reference?

  • The best people to put as a reference would be an ex-employers or a previous Manager. These people will have judged your character over the time you were with them and your work effort. When applying for jobs some companies ask for your current or most recent employer/manager to be a reference.

Who to use as a professional reference?

  • Professional references may include a direct supervisor or someone else who has knowledge or your work experience and abilities. For individuals who have yet to gain work experience, a professor may be an appropriate reference.

Can you use family as a job reference?

  • Hiring managers will wonder why you didn’t disclose the relationship and wonder if you’re prone to withholding important details. Most employers will specify no family as references, but people still do it anyway. The only exception is if an employer says it’s okay to use a family member as a reference.

Who are professional references?

  • Professional references are people who can provide personalized and experience-driven information about someone’s job performance and suitability for employment. Most of the time, these people are former bosses or co-workers who have first-hand experience with how a certain person performs on the job.

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