Are fetch lands good in EDH?

Are fetch lands good in EDH?

Are fetch lands good in EDH?

Fetch lands are pricey, but they are really good with duals. Fetch lands make your mana base so much smoother. You have more choices for lands to fetch, and dual lands with basic land types on them are amazing to have in a deck with fetch lands. BE

Do you need fetch lands in Commander?

Fetchlands are by no means necessary to play Commander, but they'll help you build synergy into certain archetypes, refine your build for high power tables, and unlock the potential of a lands-matter deck. BE

How many fetch lands should a commander deck have?

The optimal number of lands is between 38 and 39, with some 4-color lists going to 40 and some mono-colored lists going to 36/37. For multicolored decks, you will want to play as many of the following as possible. BE

Can you use Yorion in EDH?

Yorion, the white/blue companion, is legal in Brawl and Commander decks and can be your commander. However, it can't be used as a companion because its deck-building restriction changes the size of your starting deck. ... Effects that change the number of cards in your deck are not allowed. BE

Are fetch lands worth buying?

They're worth the price to competitive players because they're the best lands to use, and competitive players are trying to optimize their decks. If you're on a budget, you could always build BW warriors which is tier 2 but still competitive for FNM. BE

Are dual lands worth it?

If you want to see if the extra consistancy is worth it, you can always proxy the lands before you drop real money on them. Dual lands are a pretty good investment, because a given dual land is a good card to put into any deck you build that uses the colors. BE

Are dual lands allowed in Commander?

no, it's illegal because Temple of Silence's color identity is /. You cant run it in an Iroas deck. If you were to cast Conquer on an opponent's Temple of Silence, you could, but it could only produce or colorless mana (if you tapped it for black, it would produce colorless instead). BE

How much land do you need for EDH?

There's a lot of things that go into deciding how much land goes into a deck, the general rule for minimum is 1/3 of the deck, so in EDH that would be 32 cards, but that is a pretty bare minimum and most decks will need more than that.

How many lands should be in a 2 color deck?

eight dual lands Players can play two-color decks and play eight dual lands, or they can branch out into three or more colors and have options of which dual lands they prefer depending on the speed of their deck. BE

Is vial smasher banned?

Legal in Commander Legal in VintageLegal in Legacy Vial Smasher the Fierce/Legality

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