What causes a B1 deficiency?

What causes a B1 deficiency?

What causes a B1 deficiency?

(Beriberi; Vitamin B1 Deficiency) A diet consisting mainly of white flour, white sugar, and other highly processed carbohydrates can cause thiamin deficiency. At first, people have vague symptoms such as fatigue and irritability, but a severe deficiency (beriberi) can affect the nerves, muscles, heart, and brain.

What is the deficiency of B1?

A deficiency of vitamin B1 commonly leads to beriberi, a condition that features problems with the peripheral nerves and wasting. Weight loss and anorexia can develop. There may be mental problems, including confusion and short-term memory loss.

What is wet beri beri?

Wet beriberi is the term used for thiamine deficiency with cardiovascular involvement. The chronic form of wet beriberi consists of 3 stages. In the first stage, peripheral vasodilation occurs, leading to a high cardiac output state.

How long does it take to recover from B1 deficiency?

When patients have progressed to this stage, the degree of damage is only minimally reversible. In cases of wet beriberi, clinical improvement can be observed within 12 hours of treatment, with normalization of heart function and size occurring in 1 or 2 days.

Can beriberi be cured?

Nerve and heart damage from beriberi is usually reversible when it's caught in the early stages. Recovery is often quick once you begin treatment. If beriberi progresses to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, the outlook is poor.

Who is at risk for beriberi?

Beriberi is observed in developed nations in persons with alcoholism, people on fad diets, persons on long-term peritoneal dialysis without thiamine replacement, persons undergoing long-term starvation, or persons receiving intravenous fluids with high glucose concentration.

How quickly does thiamine work?

The daily requirement of thiamine is ∼1.5 mg; on deprivation, TD occurs within 2–3 weeks (Thomson, 2000). In normal subjects, the absorption of thiamine does not exceed 4.5 mg even when large doses of thiamine are administered orally (Thomson, 2000).

Which vitamin B1 is best?

Top Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Supplements

  • Nutricost Vitamin B1 100mg, 120 Capsules.
  • Mason Natural, Vitamin B-1 Thiamine Tablets.
  • EZ Melts B1 as Thiamine.
  • Solgar Vitamin B1 500 mg.
  • Benfotiamine 300mg 180 Veggie Caps Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Nature's Way Vitamin B-1, 100 mg per serving.

Can you reverse beriberi?

With early treatment, damage to the heart and nervous system due to beriberi may be reversible. If a person has a deficiency for longer, some symptoms may remain even after treatment.

Why does beriberi occur?

Today, beriberi occurs mostly in people who abuse alcohol. Drinking heavily can lead to poor nutrition. Excess alcohol makes it harder for the body to absorb and store vitamin B1. In rare cases, beriberi can be genetic.

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