What seeds can you start in egg cartons?

What seeds can you start in egg cartons?

What seeds can you start in egg cartons?

Seeds of peas, beans, corn, and root crops like carrots, radishes, and beets don't transplant well and are best planted directly in the garden where they are to grow. Many annual flowers such as zinnias, sunflowers, and marigolds are also good candidates for indoor sowing.

How do you start seeds from egg cartons?

0:281:47Gardening From Seeds : How to Plant Seeds in Egg Cartons - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOne. We're actually going to make little holes in the base of the egg carton. So you have somethingMoreOne. We're actually going to make little holes in the base of the egg carton. So you have something for drainage. And if you want you can actually take a little bit of cotton material.

How long can seedlings stay in egg cartons?

Place the egg carton lid under the bottom to create a drainage tray. Fill the egg cells one-half to three-quarters full with potting mixture. A standard commercial potting mixture works well. A potting mixture containing fertilizer contains nutrients to sustain the plants for three to four weeks.

Can I plant seeds in egg boxes?

Cut the top off your egg box, and use the bottom half (where the eggs go) to plant seeds in, and the top half as a tray to keep it strong. ... Water the seeds slowly and gently. Place on a windowsill in a sunny spot. Check on your seeds and seedlings every day, and water them when the soil is dry.

Can you start tomato seeds in egg cartons?

You can take those seeds or try some other vegetable or fruit seeds to start in an egg carton seed starter. I like to use tomatoes because they're easy to grow and don't take up too much space in the garden. ... Let's fill that egg carton with soil and gently pack it down. You can use any gardening or potting soil.

Can you plant seeds in a Styrofoam egg carton?

Styrofoam egg cartons can be used as well; however, remove the plant from the styrofoam carton before transplanting because it does not break down in the soil. ... Yes, they too can be used to germinate seed and the shell can be planted right along with the plant.

What are the benefits in using egg tray carton?

Instead of going into your general rubbish bin, paper based egg cartons should be put into your recycling bin; but given the nature of their construction, they also break down very quickly in compost piles – so you can use them to help benefit your garden. Egg cartons also make for tasty worm food.

What can I plant in egg cartons?

Answer: Cactus seeds should grow just fine, but you will need to make sure you use a sandy, loamy soil and I'd recommend planting only one seed per egg cup. Some may not sprout, but if you have two or more sprouts in a single cup, they'll be hard to separate with your fingers later because of the spines.

How many tomato seeds are in a egg carton?

Place one tomato seed into each egg cup.

Do egg cartons break down in soil?

If you used a cardboard egg carton, you can cut the cups apart and plant the whole cup right in the soil! The cardboard will disintegrate and return back to the ground.

Can you start seedlings in egg cartons?

  • How to Start Seedlings in Egg Cartons. All you need to do is take paper egg cartons (styrofoam won’t work for this purpose) and cut off the lids. Fill each cup with potting soil and add your seeds, placing them at the depth indicated on the seed packet. Place the cups on a shallow tray.

When to transplant seedlings from egg carton?

  • An egg carton makes an ideal seed-planting container. Approximately six weeks before the last spring frost, fill each egg concavity with potting soil and then have fun choosing the seeds you will plant. Transfer the seedlings outside when the weather is warm enough to finish the planting process.

What is the best seed starter?

  • Some seeds — such as tomatoes and marigolds — are especially easy to start indoors. Other good choices for beginners are basil, zinnia, coleus, nasturtium and cosmos. If you're a beginner, choose those first, and then move on to more fussy seeds, such as petunias.

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