What are the rules to Scattergories?

What are the rules to Scattergories?

What are the rules to Scattergories?

0:283:25How to Play Scattergories - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipMust fit the category. And must begin with the key letter rolled. The first word of your answer mustMoreMust fit the category. And must begin with the key letter rolled. The first word of your answer must begin with the key letter articles a and and the do not count as key letters.

Can you use two word answers in Scattergories?

Players cannot use the same answer twice in the same round, even if it would otherwise be acceptable. ... Other players can challenge you, though, and answers that fail a group vote won't count toward your score. Write each answer on your Scattergories scorepad.

Are homonyms allowed in Scattergories?

The rule is that you cannot use the same word twice, BUT what if they are homonyms - two unique objects that are spelled the same such as pool (swimming pool, pool table game), fly (insect, pant zipper), band (music group, rubber band), spring (coil, body of water), etc.

How many seconds is Scattergories?

One player rolls a 20-sided letter die to determine the first letter used. The timer is set for up to three minutes. One player starts the timer.

Can I play Scattergories online?

Playing Scattergories online instead of in person means you can play with people no matter where they live, just as long as everyone has an internet connection.

Does spelling matter in Scattergories?

They are two separate words that happen to have the same spelling. If they are spelt the same, it's a no go. Doesn't matter if they mean two different things. It's when you have two words that are spelt different but may be perceived to be the same type of word.

What are the rules for a Scattergories game?

  • A homemade Scattergories game follows the same basic premise, except the game is played by choosing a category and then listing words applicable. The goal is to list words other players miss. One original word using the letter scores one point. If you wish, you can give two points for two words, such as “red rose.”

What can you use a Scattergories list for?

  • Of course, all of what we use work for game categories. A vast number of Scattergories lists can be compiled from topics related to languages and their use. If your group took high school Spanish or French, choose a category such as French Nouns or Spanish Colors. See how much you remember from your high school language classes.

Do you have to start with the same letter in Scattergories?

  • The game of Scattergories will have you thinkiing quick as you try to come up with a flavor of ice cream, a sport, and something that you would find in an electronics store. But the catch - they all have to start with the same letter.

Can you create a category for each letter of a word?

  • Alternatively, you can create categories for each letter of the category word. For example: Some players enjoy customizing their game by adding personal categories, such as names of family members, favorite sports teams, or vacations taken. Doing so creates original games recalling fun times and making new ones.

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