How do you disinfect granite countertops?

How do you disinfect granite countertops?

How do you disinfect granite countertops?

Hot water and dish soap should be adequate for daily sanitizing. However, if a disinfectant is desired, reach for a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray it onto the granite, allow to sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid bleach or ammonia-based cleaners.

Do Lysol wipes ruin granite?

You should not use Lysol on your granite countertops, backsplashes or vanity tops. The cleaner contains harsh ingredients that can cause your sealer to lose its effectiveness. ... The product also has ammonia, which is extremely harmful to granite.

What should you not clean granite with?

Rock Doctor suggests that you avoid the following on your granite countertops:

  • Ammonia.
  • Bleach.
  • Vinegar.
  • Grout cleaners.
  • Bath tile cleaners.
  • Orange, lemon, or other citrus cleaners.
  • Glass cleaners.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

Can you use Clorox on granite?

Bleach: While bleach is a great disinfectant, it can dull the finish of your granite and in some cases even change its color. There are other, safer, ways to disinfect your stone, so avoid bleach and any products that contain it when cleaning your granite.

Can I use Windex on granite?

Since granite countertops have a sealant on them to keep them shiny and stain-resistant, you want to avoid using anything too acidic or basic on the granite. Frequent use of vinegar, Windex or bleach will dull the granite and weaken the sealant. Instead, a little soap and water should do the trick.

Can you use Lysol wipes in the kitchen?

With Lysol®, you can make sure that your kitchen countertops are not only sparkling clean, but thoroughly sanitized for your family!

Is it safe to use Clorox wipes on kitchen countertops?

From your kitchen counters to your coffee table and bedroom dresser, Clorox wipes are always there to get rid of germs, crumbs, dirt, you name it. ... You actually shouldn't use Clorox wipes on any surface that's protected by a sealant because it could damage that sealant.

Can you use disinfecting wipes on granite countertops?

  • Mix the dishwashing soap with warm water and wipe the granite surface using the solution on a microfiber cloth. Can you use disinfecting wipes on granite? No, you can’t use disinfecting wipes on granite countertops. This is because disinfecting wipes contain citric acid as their primary ingredient.

How to get rid of germs on granite countertop?

  • One way is to spray 70% isopropyl alcohol on the surface and allow it to sit there for three to five minutes to ensure that the countertop is thoroughly disinfected. Then, wipe the surface dry with a microfiber cloth. Doing this will surely get rid of any unnecessary germs on your granite countertop.

Can you use all purpose cleaner on granite?

  • In addition, ammonia can scratch the surface of your granite and even start eating away at it. All-purpose cleaners, in general, are known for being too harsh for the sealers used on granite countertops, and Rock Doctor doesn’t recommend their use on granite countertops.

Can you use Windex Multi Surface Cleaner on granite countertops?

  • Vinegar, which is a main cleaning ingredient in Windex Multi-Surface with Vinegar, can dull and etch your granite countertops. In addition, Windex products and all-purpose cleaners are generally not safe for granite countertops.

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