Is using and twice in a sentence bad?

Is using and twice in a sentence bad?

Is using and twice in a sentence bad?

It is grammatically incorrect because you are not listing things that would fall under the same categories. In the first part, you are listing your educational level and the second, you are explaining what it is that you do.

How do you use and twice in a list?

The first *and* is used between the last two items of the list, and the second is used to combine two things in the second part. > I am a software developer who has permanent residence, Bachelor degree **and** 4 years experience in . net for developing new software **and** doing enhancements in existing once.

Can you put in twice in a row?

Yes, you can use the word twice in a row, although it's slightly awkward and might be better avoided like Sean says. When you buy an apple and eat it, it is consumed. You need to read up on the concepts of clauses and phrases. Words do not come in rows.

Which is correct and or and?

In writing either and or or is usually adequate. If a greater distinction is needed, another phrasing is available : X or Y, or both. It is more common in technical,business,and legal writing. There is no correct way; it depends on what style guide you are using.

Can you use and in the beginning of a sentence?

It's perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with "And," as well as the other words that we are often taught to avoid such as "but" or "or." Writing samples tracing back to the 9th century, including Bible translations, break these "sacred" rules, which stem from attempts to curb school children from stringing too ...

Can I say in twice?

Both (1a) and (2a) are normal and common. There's nothing wrong with using "in" twice in the same sentence. In fact, trying to avoid that repetition would effectively spoil the sentences. Yes, you use it as many times as you need.

Can you use she twice in a sentence?

Never, ever, ever say: He or she said that he or she will perform the steps I asked him or her to do. Just don't. There are no rules on frequency of use of words in English sentences.

Is it OK to use and or?

Please do not use "and/or" in either formal or informal writing. In common English, the "or" is a "non-exclusive or" which means "either A or B, or A and B". When I say "I can have a banana OR I can have coffee" then I am also OK with having both. Having a banana does not prevent me from having coffee.

Can you use and in a sentence?

"And" can only be used once in a sentence to connect big ideas. "And" can be used two times in a sentence when making a list of things. Just like too many bridges, too many "ands" make a sentence hard to follow.

Can you use & in a sentence?

Reader's question: When do you use an ampersand (&) instead of 'and'? Answer: You can use ampersands in titles, signage and website buttons where space is limited or the ampersand is part of an organisation's branding. Use and, not ampersands in business writing, even for emails. It is more professional.

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