Can David Lloyd members use Harbour club?

Can David Lloyd members use Harbour club?

Can David Lloyd members use Harbour club?

a As a member, you may be able to use other Harbour Clubs and David Lloyd Leisure clubs. Please ask your home club for details, as certain conditions apply. make sure the guests are aware of, and keep to, our rules and regulations set out in 'Part B – rules and regulations for using facilities'.

Can David Lloyd members bring a guest?

Member guests can participate in classes if spaces are available at the time of the session. The guest will need to have a valid guest pass to access the club.

How do I get a free David Lloyd guest pass?

The free pass is only available to non-members, and you'll need to book an introductory session before you can use the gym. The pass has to be used on the day of your introductory session.

What is David Lloyd corporate membership?

David Lloyd Leisure has launched a corporate gym membership called DL Flex. The scheme can be offered by employers to employees through a flexible benefits package, via a salary sacrifice arrangement, as a net pay gym loan deduction or as an employer-paid benefit.

Can David Lloyd Platinum members use other clubs?

Our most inclusive membership gives you unlimited access to all Clubs and facilities, including luxury Spa Retreats. Our most popular membership option gives you unlimited access to the facilities at your home Club plus access to selected other Clubs and facilities.

Can I freeze my gym membership David Lloyd?

The option to suspend is always available. Please contact our Membership Support Team to let us know that is what you wish to do. The best way to reach them is via the Manage my Membership section within the David Lloyd Clubs App.

Can you join David Lloyd 3 months?

Discover your everyday getaway at David Lloyd Clubs. Try a 3 month membership today. Find a place where you can relax, socialise, and re-energise.

Who owns David Lloyd?

TDR Capital David Lloyd Leisure/Owners

What are David Lloyd off peak times?

Peak Times: 6:30am - 11pm. Off Peak Times: 6.30am - 4pm.

How can I get out of my David Lloyd membership?

You can end your membership by giving us notice in writing in line with A2 'Notice'. You must give us one calendar month's notice for Flexible membership or three calendar months' notice for Standard Annual and Standard Monthly membership'.

Can you use David Lloyd Leisure Club as a member?

  • As a paying member you can use any other David Lloyd Leisure club. Conditions may apply, please contact your club.

How long do you have to be a David Lloyd member?

  • One full calendar month's notice is required in writing. Joining fee may apply. Facilities may vary by club. 3 month Flexible memberships are not available at David Lloyd Acton Park or Emersons Green. For full membership terms and conditions click here.

Do you have to wear face covering at David Lloyd club?

  • Face coverings are mandatory in all indoor areas of our Clubs unless you are exempt. You do not have to wear a face covering when exercising or when seated within the Club lounge however, a face covering must be worn at all other times.

Do you get free towels at David Lloyd clubs?

  • Unlimited and unrestricted club access, a free towel per visit, monthly guest pass and 10% discount on All Stars and Clubroom food and drink. Facilities vary by club. Access to the club at all times, facilities vary by club. Created with Sketch.

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