Can we use accordingly at the end of a sentence?

Can we use accordingly at the end of a sentence?

Can we use accordingly at the end of a sentence?

Ending A Sentence With 'Accordingly'? In my opinion, when you put "accordingly" at the end, it doesn't function as a conjunctive adverb. This is not to say the sentence isn't perfectly fine.

How do you use accordingly in a sentence?

Examples of accordingly in a Sentence He knew his limitations and acted accordingly. She is considered a manager and is paid accordingly. The car is made with the best materials and is priced accordingly.

When should we use accordingly?

You use accordingly to introduce a fact or situation which is a result or consequence of something that you have just referred to. We have a different background. Accordingly, we have the right to different futures.

What do you put at the end of a sentence?

You have three options for punctuating the end of a sentence: a period, an exclamation mark, or a question mark.

Where we can use accordingly?

Accordingly Sentence Examples Accordingly I copied the story and sent it to him for his birthday. This was done accordingly, the number of members of the committee being, however, doubled. She accordingly delayed a year. The fact was accordingly conveyed to Lavrushka.

Does accordingly need a comma?

Place a comma after a transitional word that introduces a sentence. The following are examples of commonly used transitional words: accordingly, furthermore, however, moreover, therefore, and thus. Incorrect: Accordingly he granted the motion to dismiss. Correct: Accordingly, he granted the motion to dismiss.

What are three ways to end a sentence?

David and Paige, KA's resident grammarians, introduce the three ways to end a sentence: the period, the exclamation point, and the question mark.

How do you use punctuation at the end?

End punctuation is punctuation that comes at the end of a sentence of a complete thought. Periods, question marks, and exclamation marks are all examples of end punctuation. Use a period at the end of all declarative sentences and at the end of imperative sentences that do not convey strong emotion.

How do you use accordingly?


  1. in a way that is appropriate to what has been done or said in a particular situation. We have to discover his plans and act accordingly. Questions about grammar and vocabulary? ...
  2. (used especially at the beginning of a sentence) for that reason synonym therefore. The cost of materials rose sharply last year.

What is accordingly an example of?

Accordingly is defined as to be done a way that is fitting and proper or in alignment with something. An example of the word accordingly is when a teacher asks a student to behave accordingly by reminding the student of appropriate behavior using other students an example. Therefore. In accordance; correspondingly.

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