Is sublimation heat press different from a regular heat press?

Is sublimation heat press different from a regular heat press?

Is sublimation heat press different from a regular heat press?

Sublimation printing with heat transfers uses a special type of ink that actually ingrains itself into the fabric, unlike regular heat transfers, giving the images and graphics an even longer lifespan. Sublimation heat press machines have the ability to reach the temperature and pressure levels needed for sublimation.

What do I set my heat press to for sublimation?

Adjusting your heat-press settings for sublimation will mainly depend on what type of substrate you'll be pressing. For 100% polyester garments, this is usually around 385°-400°F and 45-60 seconds at medium pressure.

Can you use an oven for sublimation?

You can use regular bench top convection ovens for sublimation – as long as you dedicate it for that purpose! ... These hold the transfers in place, on the mug, in the oven. There are many different sizes of sublimation oven wraps, depending on the size mug, glass, or bottle you are sublimating.

Do I need parchment paper for sublimation?

Use parchment paper or craft paper with sublimation instead of Teflon as you need to pull the moisture away from the transfer. Teflon will lock the moisture in and could cause fuzzy discolored edges on your sublimation product.

Can you print sublimation with a regular printer?

You must completely flush the system. ... You must completely flush the system. Reason being the color and chemical make up of the inks are not the same. So if you use regular ink and then put in sublimation your prints will come out wrong and the ink obviously doesnt bond to the substrate so you will make a mess.

How do I print sublimation with Cricut?

0:4417:18Sublimation With Cricut Design Space | Full Sublimation Tutorial - YouTubeYouTube

How do you sublimate in a regular oven?


  1. 2- Cut your image and tape it to your mug.
  2. 3 – Buckle your mug wrap around your coffee mug.
  3. 4- Place your mug in an oven set to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 14 minutes.
  4. 5 – Remove and peel while hot.

What is the difference between heat press and sublimation?

  • Differences of sublimation Vs heat press Prints made by the sublimation technique, have permanent and realistic images which are having soft feelings on hands. The sublimation method uses the sublimation ink, while the heat transfer method uses pigment ink, dye ink, solvent ink, etc.

What is sublimation heat transfer?

  • Heat Transfer Method uses transfer papers , which can only be used to transfer your designs to fabric and clothing. Sublimation Method has a much wider use; in this technique, you can transfer your designs, logos, artwork, text or images to not just fabric, but all different kinds of surfaces, i.e. mousepads, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, plates, etc.

What is a sublimation press machine?

  • A Sublimation Machine is a heat press for transferring onto many flat surfaced items, such as fabric, metal, wood, ceramic & glass, etc. But, is commonly called a "T-shirt Heat Press" as it is most commonly used for printing onto garments!

What is a digital transfer sublimation?

  • Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where you take an image that has been created digitally (either by scanning, downloaded from a digital camera or created on your computer). The image can then be printed with a printer using special sublimation transfer inks onto transfer paper.

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