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Liverpool, England

(Sun-Aug 16) Sunday found us in Liverpool – the home of the Beetles. There are Beetle museums, bars, shops etc. all over the place. Since neither of us are Beetle fans we just took a walk around the town and stopped in a few of the shopping centers. Liverpool is a town of a mixture of buildings – old and modern. Again, the entire day was overcast until our ship left the port. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Midland Fair was experiencing the same weather because it almost always rains during fair week.

These were our views of Liverpool as we entered the dock in the morning. Alas, so much sunshine!

The modern building on the right slide is of the Beatles Museum. Since it was a Sunday morning, it wasn't open.

Note the bird atop the clock tower. I forget what the name of the bird was but it is supposed to watch for the safe return of sailors. A restriction on its placement above the dome was an assurance that the high winds that blow from the ocean wouldn't blow it off its perch and be destroyed. Thus, the attachment of cables to hold it in place.


The same building looking directly at the front. The following are a collection of photos as we wander through the city.

A shopping mall covering two floors.

Note the use of paving bricks in the streets.

Interesting street signs.


This mime reminded us of those we saw while in New York City.

A view down the produce aisle of a supermarket.


After walking around for a couple of hours we decide to return to our ship for lunch and to catch a movie after.


At 7:00pm we departed from our berth.


This was unique. A fireboat escorted us out of the harbor with a lot of fanfare.

All along the length of the harbor we saw wind turbines at work. Although we had heard that they were noisy, we couldn't hear them. We are looking forward to our next stop in Belfast, Ireland.

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