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Birth of Ollie
Ollie Arrives
Illusions 1

If you have an alter ego, or just like to see someone having fun at your expense, try using a partner. Uncle Ollie is the partner who works with Lynn at his nursing home shows each month.

Lynn actually became interested in ventriloquism during his high school years in the late fifties. He remembers reading books on how to throw one's voice. However, it was just a dream as the opportunity to own or work with a puppet was remote, plus, there was no need. 

The need presented itself when Lynn began performing (singing) at nursing homes. While most of the songs he performs are songs of the '10's through the early '50's there is one home that loves "old country" songs. These are of the Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold etc. The songs of this vintage have short sequences of singing and long sequences of music.

Lynn's problem was what to do during the sequences of music. This is the need that inspired Lynn to have a partner to "jabber jaw with him" during these sequences. The partner became Uncle Ollie.


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