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This is us in Grand Cayman with a sting ray. Actually, we were about seven miles out in the ocean standing on a sand bar that was waist deep. The sand bar is formed by a rock reef that is about a mile away. The sand bar is about 1/4 mile long and a little less wide. It drops off to over 50 feet deep on each side so people don't wade very far.

These sting rays act just like cats. They swim up to us underwater (of course) and brush against our legs for attention. What they really want us to do is feed them some squid from the pail that contains cut up squid that is floated from the catamaran -- the boat that brought us to this spot on the tour.

What we do is take a piece of squid in our hand and hold it about two feet or more under water. The stingrays have a keen sense of smell. From a distance of twenty feet or more they smell the squid in our hand, swim over our hand and suck the treat from it. Their mouth is about 5 or 6 inches across (on a four foot wide stingray) and it feels like a big shop vac when they suck it off. No, they don't have teeth.

Their natural food is squid and worms they suck from the ocean bottom. They have the ability to suck a worm up from a depth of two feet. Talk about a vacuum!

France contains some photos we took on a recent trip to Europe. Although we spent a week in Paris, a side trip to a medieval city built in the 400's was a real learning experience. 

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