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Lynn: Ollie, since you began to live with us I’m sort of wondering how you are getting along with Crystal.

Ollie: Oh, she’s ticked at me.

Lynn: She’s ticked at you?

Ollie: Yup, she’s ticked at me.

Lynn: You mean, she’s mad at you?

Ollie: Yup, that too.

Lynn: Well Ollie, tell me, why is she mad at you?

Ollie: Nuttin’

Lynn: Now come on Ollie, why is she mad at you?

Ollie: Nuttin’

Lynn: Listen Ollie, Crystal doesn’t get mad for nothing. Now tell me, just between us, what did you do to make her mad at you?

Ollie: Weellllll, I told her that her stocking were wrinkled.

Lynn: You told her that her stockings were wrinkled?

Ollie: Yup.

Lynn: Well, why would she get mad at you for that?

Ollie: She wasn’t wearing any.


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