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South America

Santiago, Chile
Puerto Montt
Amalia Glacier
Punta Arenas
Days at Sea
Cape Horn
Falkland Islands
Puerto Madryn
Buenos Aires

Welcome to our cruise around the southern end of South America. We will begin at Santiago, Chile near the Tropic of Capricorn-- proceed south around the southern tip Cape Horn (only three flying hours from Antarctica), make a short journey to the Falkland Islands and then sail to Buenos Aires.

During this trip we will see how the southern part of the world lives. In some cases it is utter desolation. In others, it is beauty buried within the desolation of a mostly uninhabited land.

We flew from Chicago, Illinois (12 hours) to Buenos Aires. From there we again boarded a plane and flew over the Andes Mountains to Santiago, Chile. Again, we were awake almost 30 hours before we were able to lay our heads upon our pillows in our hotel in Santiago. 

Let us begin our journey at Santiago, Chile

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