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Amazon River Cruise

Royal Princess

January 2008

The Royal Princess is one of the small ships in the fleet carrying fewer than 900 passengers plus crew. Crystal took these two photos when we were in St. Lucia.

We enjoy fixed seating versus anytime/anywhere/godknowswhowith/whyme seating. We especially enjoyed our tablemates. Second from left is Maureen Lehren next to her husband Ron who reside in Texas. Third from left is Jane Childress next to her husband Bruce who reside in Alabama. We forget who the people were on the outside but they look mighty familiar, especially when viewing a mirrored reflection.

Often at night, following the entertainment shows, there are activities on deck. On this particular night we have just entered the Amazon River and the event is a midnight buffet with music and dancing.

The carved fruits and fancy cakes and cookies are under the canopy on the left. Ron and Maureen (who didn't know I took this photo) are cutting a rug (dancing). They are in the left photo, center.

Fruit Carving Demonstration

Using a pineapple as a body, a piece of red pepper for a crown, a carrot for a beak, a slice of radish and a cut piece of grape a chicken is created.



Following the fruit carving demo we returned to our cabin. At that time we saw the muddy waters of the Amazon mixing with the ocean. This is illustrated on the opening page of this site.

Kitchen Tour

Another afternoon event was a cooking demo followed by a tour of the kitchen. The photos that follow are a series of pictures taken from that event.


Carved butter

Dining Room

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