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Puerto Montt


At Puerto Montt, Chile's narrow coastal plain sinks into the Pacific, and the ice-carved west slopes of the Andes form the island and fiords of Archipelagic Chile, a remote region of appalling weather that streatehes southward 1,000 miles to Cape Horn.

Puerto Montt is a city of 130,000 residents and an interesting town with a charm characteristic of smaller Chilean seaports, whose residents are among the friendliest people in South America.

To get to this town we had to take the tenders (lifeboats) as there is no dock with which to tie up. There wasn't much to do in this town except to walk around the city and find some new things -- it was Sunday and no stores were open except for the supermarket and the tourist traps. We found both.

The city appears to be jammed into the hillside as one house seems to sit upon the other. We were intrigued by the white pyramid structure. We later learned that it identifies a park.

It was Sunday. The only merchants that were about were the street vendors.

We are on the edge of the town. The structures that are on the hill in the background are vendors huts. Later in the day they would be filled. Notice the condition of the sidewalks. They reminded us of the disrepair of those we see while in France.

The street signs were simple and to the point. We were told that this is a city of German heritage. While some of the buildings leave something to be desired when one gets off the main streets, it nevertheless was kept clean.

Check out these gas prices. The prices reflect the cost, in Pesos, per liter making gasoline about $3.50 per gallon.

The only merchants open were the flea market (tourist trap) folks.

The horse patrol kept everyone and the traffic in line.

This reminded Lynn of a wooden Indian standing guard outside a store.

We find stores interesting. Above is a display in one of the shoe stores. The money is Chilean Pesos, about 150 pesos to the dollar. To make it easier for tourists, the dollar amount is sometimes shown for the items. At other times it is shown as the Chilean Peso, about 150 Pesos to the dollar. We weren't that excited about making an Internet call.


Typical views in the supermarket. One of the things we like to do is to stop and visit the supermarkets to get a feel of what is similar and what is different from ours.

Notice the size of the sweet corn. Huge!!!!!!!!!

We stumbled upon this skate park and were intrigued with the artwork that covered it. Some would call it graffiti.

We noticed that the paths surrounding the 'event' areas of the park were loose stones. The purpose was to keep the skateboarders in line. Again, the white steel pyramid structure stands at the edge of the park and serves as a climbing tower.


At the edge of the park is a sea memorial.

When we reached the end of the town we decided to return to the dock via a walkway along the shore. Lynn got a chuckle out of the phonics way of spelling Tour Bus.

We sat and watched people collecting clams. An interesting point is that when we came ashore there was about 75 feet of sand beach. While we were walking around the tide came in raising the water level about 10 feet leaving only small rocky atolls from which people began to fish.

At the top of the hill is a resort hotel.

Next to it is some of the 'finer' homes of the city.

Lynn had a bit of fun with the lama guy. Every time Lynn tried to take a picture the guy would step in front of the lama to block it. The owner wanted a dollar to take a picture. Lynn prevailed and the guy didn't get his buck.

Puerto Montt is located close to a volcano that encompasses the view on the horizon. As the sun would travel across the sky the volcano would change in color. We spent the later part of the afternoon aboard ship soaking up the sun. Thankfully, the glass barriers surrounding the deck sheltered us from the winds.

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