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Olive the Reindeer


Olive the Red Nosed Reindeer

Lynn: Ollie, I recall that you took a trip a couple of months ago. Where did you go?

Ollie: To the North Pole

Lynn: North Pole! Thatís a long way to travel. Did you fly there?

Ollie: Are you nuts? I canít fly.

Lynn: No, noóI mean, did you take a plane?

Ollie: Nope.

Lynn: Then how did you get there?

Ollie: I hitchhiked.

Lynn: Hitchhiked! What did you do when you got to the snow where there were no roads?

Ollie: I called Santa and he picked me up.

Lynn: You mean he flew with his reindeer to where you were and picked you up?

Ollie: Nope.

Lynn: Then how did he pick you up?

Ollie: With his helicopter.

Lynn: He has a helicopter! I didnít know that.

Ollie: Thereís a lot of things you donít know.

Lynn: I didnít even know Santa knew how to fly a helicopter.

Ollie: I told you, thereís a lot of things you donít knowóspecially about Santa.

Lynn: How long did you stay with him?

Ollie: Three months.

Lynn: Did you get to play with his reindeer?

Ollie: Yup. But I had more fun with the goat.

Lynn: Santa has a goat?

Ollie: Yup, sure does. Itís a great goat.

Lynn: Whatís so special about the goat?

Ollie: Flies.

Lynn: Now come on Ollieógoats canít fly.

Ollie: Who said it flew. It thinks it's a reindeer.

Lynn: What thinks itís a reindeer?

Ollie: The goat.

Lynn: Does it fly around with the reindeer?

Ollie: Nope. Reindeers canít fly Ďcept at Christmas.

Lynn: Really, I didnít know that. Why can they only fly at Christmas?

Ollie: Cause thatís when they eat Christmas cookies.

Lynn: Christmas cookies! What do Christmas cookies have to do with making reindeer fly?

Ollie: The cookies are magic at Christmas.

Lynn: Iíve never heard of a magic Christmas cookie.

Ollie: Thereís a lot of things you donít know.

Lynn: Letís get back to Santaís goat. What is its name?

Ollie: Olive.

Lynn: Olive? Thatís a strange name for a goat.

Ollie: Thatís Ďcause it thinks it a reindeer.

Lynn: The goat named Olive thinks itís a reindeer?

Ollie: Sure does.

Lynn: Where did this come from?

Ollie: Remember the songóRudolph the red nosed reindeer?

Lynn: Yes. What does that have to do with it?

Ollie: Remember where the song says, Olive the other reindeer?

Lynn: Yes.

Ollie: Thatís the goat.

Lynn: Thatís silly, tell me, how can a goat fly?

Ollie: It doesnít. I said it has flies.

Lynn: What do you mean it has flies?

Ollie: Itís got lots of Ďem. The flies hang on and wiggle their wings. When they lift the goat off the ground the goat thinks it is flying.

Lynn: Thatís ridiculous. Who ever heard of a goat flying because a bunch of flies were hanging onto its coat and lifting the goat off the ground so that the goat thought it was flying.

Ollie: Santa, me and the reindeer.

Lynn: I think you are being silly. Does the goat get along with Rudolph?

Ollie: Sure does. They are great friends.

Lynn: Does Rudolph really have a shiny nose?

Ollie: He does when he eats Christmas cookies.

Lynn: You mean, his nose glows when he eats Christmas cookies to allow him to fly?

Ollie: Yup, sure do.

Lynn: How big is Rudolph anyway?

Ollie: Same size as the goat.

Lynn: I suppose you are going to tell me that the goat flies with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Ollie: Youíre nuts. Goats canít fly.

Lynn: But you told me that Santaís goat called Olive could fly.

Ollie: Did not. I said it had flies. You donít listen good do you.

Lynn: Well since you are so informed about Santa and his reindeer I have a question. How do they stop on each rooftop so quickly?

Ollie: They have airbrakes.

Lynn: Unbelievable! Well then, how is it that they can fly so fast?

Ollie: Santa puts beans in the Christmas cookies.

Lynn: Ollie, I think you are just pulling my leg.

Ollie: Told you that you donít know much.

Lynn: I think you are just being silly. Do you think Santa will give you something special this year?

Ollie: Yup, sure do.

Lynn: Do you have any idea what it will be?

Ollie: Yup. Itís the goat.

Lynn: The goat. What makes you think you are getting a goat?

Ollie: Well when I left Mrs. Santa said she was sure going to be glad to get rid of the old goat on Christmas Eve.

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