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Long Life


Secret to a Long Life

Lynn:  Ollie, youíve got a birthday coming up pretty soon donít you?

Ollie:  Yup, I sure do.

Lynn:  Well tell me, how old are you going to be?

Ollie:  162.

Lynn:  You are going to be 162 years of age?

Ollie:  Thatís what I said. Canít you hear?

Lynn:  Wow, that is amazing. Tell me, what is the secret to living to the age of 162?

Ollie:  Donít die.

Lynn:  I should have known. What does your wife have to say about it?

Ollie:  Nuttin.

Lynn:  What do you mean nothing? Isnít she excited?

Ollie:  Nope.

Lynn:  Why not?

Ollie:  Sheís dead.

Lynn:  Oh. Well tell me this -- do you have any grandchildren?

Ollie:  Yup, I sure do.

Lynn:  How many do you have?

Ollie:  368 with one on the way.

Lynn:  368 grandkids!!!!

Ollie:  Thatís what I said with one on the way. Donít you listen?

Lynn:  Well I was just surprised at the number. Tell me, with 368 grandkids, how many kids did you have?

Ollie:  None.

Lynn:  None!!!!!

Ollie:  Yup, none.

Lynn:  (Long pause) I donít understand something. You say you have 368 grandkids.

Ollie:  Yup. And one on the way.

Lynn:  And then you tell me that you didnít have any kids.

Ollie:  Right.

Lynn:  Well if you didnít have any kids, how did you get all of the grandkids?

Ollie:  The wife had the kids.

Lynn:  I should have known. Ollie, do you know all of the names of the grandkids?

Ollie:  Yup, I sure do.

Lynn:  You do!!!!!!!

Ollie:  Sure, itís simple.

Lynn:  It is? Can you name some of them for me?

Ollie:  Sure. Hey You.

Lynn:  Hey You?

Ollie:  Yup, theyíre all called Hey You.

Lynn:  You mean to tell me that each kid is called Hey You? How did you select that name?

Ollie:  We liked Chinese names. Besides, it made things simple.

Lynn:  How so?

Ollie:  Nope. How So are the names of my brotherís kids.

Lynn:  Letís not go there. How does the name for each kid being Hey You make things simple?

Ollie:  Well, when we want the kids to come we just yell Ė Hey You. They all show up. Itís simple.

Lynn:  I give up.

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