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Labadee Haiti


January 11, 2007

Labadee, Haiti

Labadee is a privately owned island by Royal Caribbean located off the coast of Haiti. The number of people who inhabit the island is unknown. Their apparent income is derived strictly from the tourist trade that is supplied by Royal Caribbean, as no information was supplied by RC.

The shuttles to the island are more elaborate than the shuttle boats supplied by the ship.


As usual we are greeted by the local musical group. The nice thing is that those who require wheelchairs are offered a wheelchair (at a rental price) that will be able to traverse the soft sands.


As usual, the tourist traps abound. Sadly, the artist who make some of the souvenirs haven't learned how to spell.


We found a chair at the beach and settled in for some relaxation.

The ship provided a nice lunch as well as some entertainment by the locals.


 This guy was the featured entertainer performing as a firewalker and fire eater. Some appetite!!!!


In the late afternoon a light rain developed and we made our way aboard the ship for a dryer climate.


As we leave the island around 4:00 pm, we can see the homes that the locals live in.

Although it was raining, the early sunset was quite nice.

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