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It's the middle of June and we are on our second leg of our vacation with Brian & Yvonne from Oxford, England who are visiting with us. Yvonne is Crystal's sister and Brian we believe is her husband. ;-)

We left our home in Saginaw, Michigan at 8:00am and arrived in Kingston around 7:00pm. The route we will travel tomorrow is shown in the small map with the black dotted lines. That is the three hour tour. The photos that follow are in the same order that they were taken while on the trip.

The 1000 Islands start in Kingston and dot the St. Lawrence River for miles. This cruise tours into the small cottage islands of the Admiralty group featuring Napoleon's Hat, Wanderer's Channel, the Bateau Channel, Nakomis Lodge and the historic sights of Kingston. These renown islands start in Kingston and dot the St. Lawrence River for miles. 3-hour cruises depart up to 4 times daily with entertainment. Bilingual commentary describes the history and folklore as you pass by spectacular scenery and island homes.

We get onboard the Island Queen that is similar in appearance to the paddle boat we rode on while in Louisiana a couple of months ago. Somehow, it looks like a floating wedding cake. As we pull away and begin the cruise we take a look at Kingston.

Across the bay from Kingston sits historic Fort Henry. The photo, with the large round tower, shows the main access route to the fort from the river. We will take a different look at it from the fort later. The last photo is a military base next to the fort.

As we travel we become aware of the ruggedness of the landscape. There aren't to many groups of housing, as shown in the photo, along the way. Most are scattered and dedicated toward farming in some fashion.

We were intrigued at how diverse the housing is. Notice the old farmhouse next to a much larger home.

These were within a half mile of each other. The metal red roof reminds us of the roofs in the Caribbean Islands. The photo on the right is of an old farm house that is still occupied.

As we travel along we begin to see more islands. Notice that each has a home on them. The smallest island that we passed that had a home on was about 20' x 30'. The tour guide told us that the original home was about 16' x 20'. The owner wanted to add on to the home but didn't have enough land. They solved the problem by wading into the water and threw rocks next to their island to enlarge it. They then built the addition.

While there are some really grand homes on small island there are equally grand homes on larger pieces of land as well.

Left photo: Lynn & Crystal

Right photo: Crystal and Yvonne

This home has been under construction for three years. When complete it will cost a bit more than 3 million dollars and still won't have a driveway.

We are serenaded along the way with our own minstrel. When we finish the tour we make our way to Fort Henry for a closer look.

From atop the hill at the fort we can see Kingston across the bay.


Remember the view of the fort earlier that showed the main access to the fort. Brian is looking down the path that invaders would have to take to capture the fort.

Looking behind us you can see what the attackers faced. The slots are where the defenders would shoot down the pathway. Pretty gruesome.

It was getting to be about 4:00pm and we decided to start driving back to Michigan. We decided to make a stop at a Lion Safari. It's about 1/3 of the way along our journey through Canada so we will find a motel along the way that is closer to Cambridge. This would happen tomorrow.

Next stop Lion Safari at Cambridge, Ontario Canada

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