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Invergordon, Scotland

(Thur-Aug 20) We arrived at Invergorden, Scotland near Inverness. We had signed for a tour to Urquhart Castle that is next to Loch Ness. The weather had finally changed. It was raining! When we left the ship it was pouring rain and we looked at the Scottish country side through the raindrops on the windows.

One of the industries that remain in Invergordon is the repair of oil rigs. They are towed into the port for repair and maintenance and then returned to the seas from whence they came. In both photos the tide is as its lowest point. When we left in the late afternoon the muddy shorelines had disappeared.

When we arrived at the castle we went into the visitor center and watched a movie about the history of the castle that was very well done. A creative end to the movie was enjoyed by all. As the movie ended the screen raised and the curtains behind it opened to a view of the castle below. The rain had slowed and we stepped out to take a couple of photos.

We were tempted to walk down the castle and climb the stairs to the top of the turret but changed out mind when we learned that there were 110 steps. Since it was raining, and we had lost some ambition, we declined the walk. Instead, we browsed through the tourist trap and bought a couple of souvenirs including a DVD with narration about the castle and surrounding area.

The bus ride back to the ship was enjoyable and informative. The rain had stopped. We had a guide on the bus who gave an ongoing narrative about what we were seeing as well as interesting history. The driver took us on a sightseeing tour of Inverness and the guide pointed out some historical sites along the way. When we arrived back at the ship we grabbed a bit of lunch and walked to the end of the pier and bought some souvenirs some of which are DVDís of some of the cities we stopped at and others. As we left the port the sun began to shine brightly.


This is a lodge. In a small pond beside the lodge is a 'replica' of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

We were lucky as Nessie was enjoying herself in the pool. She kept her eye on us as we drove past in the bus.

The following group of photos are of some typical housing units, single and multi-family. They were taken through the bus window as we drove back to the ship.

The following are some photos taken as we ride through the city of Inverness, a city about ten miles from Invergordon.


Notice the different types of downspouts on this home in the city.

We are now in the outer business district. The above is a manufacturing plant of some sort,

Golf is a major sport in Scotland. This is a major sporting goods center. The adjacent photo is what we would refer to as a shopping center.

We found the naming and display of some of the businesses to be humorous.

As we leave the city of Inverness on our way to Invergordon we pass through their typical countryside.


Notice the heather that is in bloom.

Invergordon is noted for the murals that cover their buildings. We were going to walk around the town and photograph them but the rain became heavier when we arrived at our ship so we declined to do so.

You will recall the mention of low tide in an earlier photo. As we leave the port the tide had come in and is now near high tide. The photos above are of the same location -- afternoon and morning.

Farewell to Invergordon. Next stop -- Edinburgh, Scotland.

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