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Lynn: Ollie, do you have any grand kids?

Ollie: Yup, sure do.

Lynn: How many do you have?

Ollie: Thousands.

Lynn: Thousands!

Ollie: Yup, thousands.

Lynn: Well how old are you anyway?

Ollie: 362.

Lynn: 362 !!!!!

Ollie: Yup.

Lynn: Well, how did you manage to live to be 362 years of age?

Ollie: I didn't die.

Lynn: I should have guessed. Let's get back to the grandkids. How many did you say you have?

Ollie: I got thousands of 'em.

Lynn: Wow. Well how many kids did you have?

Ollie: None.

Lynn: None?

Ollie: Yup. None?

Lynn: Well let's go back over this a minute. You said that you have thousands of grand kids.

Ollie: Yup.

Lynn: And you said you didn't have any kids yourself?

Ollie: Yup.

Lynn: Well how is possible that you have thousand of grand kids but never had any kids of your own.

Ollie: The wife had 'em.

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