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Grand Princess Activities


This page is to show some of the activities that we enjoyed while aboard ship plus some of the interesting things and items we saw. We will begin with a cooking demonstration that was conducted in the theater. Immediately following the cooking demonstration we had a demonstration of towel folding. Some of the room steward have developed the skill of folding towels and washcloths into animals of many sorts. This was followed by a tour of the kitchen. During the tour we saw a number of decorated cakes, breads, fruit carvings.

The cruise director, maitre'd and chief chef did the demo. In order to see what was being prepared on the table and cook top there was a camera mounted overhead and a large projected image on two screen on each side of the stage.

Three steward demonstrated the art of towel folding.

Two swans and a puppy

Elephant and a bunny

Another swan. At the end of the demonstrations the cooking staff, steward and passenger support staff were recognized. We then went on a guided tour of the kitchen.

As we went along through the sparkling clean kitchen we were greeted with some artistic food creations.

This is one of the three dining rooms on the ship.

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