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Grand Canyon


Out trip to the Grand Canyon began when we landed at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona in the late afternoon. We rented a car and began our journey toward the north. We knew that we would be unable the drive the whole distance to the canyon before nightfall, so we reserved a room at a motel in Sedona. The red rocks and views that we saw on our way out of Sedona on our way to Grand Canyon were stunning.

Sedona, Arizona

The homes that are nestled between the towering rock walls are interesting.

Not only are the homes interesting, this church seems to grow out of the rock. It can be seen for miles.


As we were leaving the valley we came upon a field of cactus in bloom.

Grand Canyon National Park

When we entered the park we could see the edge of the canyon about a block away from the road. The view from a block away is deceptive. It wasn't until we walked to the edge did the majesty of the canyon reveal itself.

Although you can't see the brushes in bloom in the "landscape photos" the yellow color permeates the landscape at times.

The telephoto lens allows us to get a close-up view of the erosion and rock structures on the other side.



The photo at the right shows the trail that the mule train takes on its way to the bottom of the canyon.

Hikers are allowed to use the trail as well. The one requirement is to take plenty of drinking water along for each person--a couple of gallons. We were told by the Canyon Guides that dehydration kills almost 300 people per year. It seemed like a high number to us. While the temperature at the top of the canyon was a comfortable 85 degrees, the temperature at the bottom of the canyon approaches 120 degrees.

At the bottom of the canyon is a motel for the adventurers who have ridden the mules for a day to complete the journey. The photo at the right is of a portion of the white water of the Colorado River that cuts through the canyon.

The distance from rim to rim at the Canyon is about 25 miles. It is considered to be the maximum distance a crow can fly without having to rest. There are plenty of crows and other critters about who look for handouts everywhere.

The photos on this page were taken with a 35mm film camera. The negatives were then transferred to a CD to attain a digital format. The digital photos, when transferred to the CD, result in an approximate 2 mega pixel image.

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