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The year 2008 was a cold one. Crystal lost a number of her roses due to the frigid weather. It remained cool and wet for most of the beginning of 2009. Normally, the first weeks of June the gardens are full of bloom. This year was different because the plants seemed to be about 3 to 4 weeks late with their blooms. Fortunately, most of Crystal's plants managed to survive. The following is a pictorial overview of how her gardens grew and changed throughout the summer.

The above was taken around the first of July. Compare the similar view on January 8, 2010. It was the first day that we had more than 2" of snow on the ground.


Same date comparisons.



We had a young man from France, Baptiste Leonard, visit with us for three weeks this year. He took the two photos above. During the day he would practice hitting golf balls behind rose hill located behind the barn. He got be pretty good and Lynn played a couple of rounds of golf with him as well as travel around the area.


When we were in Vancouver, Canada for the International Rose Convention the left photo was shown to illustrate the William Baffin rose during one of the lectures. The speaker from New Zeeland had captured it from our website. We found it humorous to travel 1,800 miles to look at a photo of a spot in our own backyard. In the adjacent photo you can see William Baffin on the trellis by the birdhouse.


Same plant and trellis a week apart.

 This is a short walk toward the trellis that was show prior to this view. It's the pink tower of flowers at the end of the walk. The next photo is taken on rose hill. The butterfly trellis was built in 2008. We're hoping that the wings will be covered with roses by the end of 2010.

New plant on rose hill. In the adjacent photo you can see the butterfly trellis on the left.

These are views of our pond garden. In late June the water lilies began to bloom.

This is where our daughter used to have her garden. Since she decided to not continue with it we shrunk it to half its size and we now plant a few vegetables for ourselves. Mingled with the vegetables are new plants that Crystal is developing. We call it the nursery. On the right is the other side of the nursery. It's what we refer to as the south garden.

Looking north from the south garden.

These are a couple of views in our pond and waterfall gardens. From here we'll move to the front of the house and into parts of the shade garden.

The plant with the big white flowers is a hydrangea.

The redbud tree forms a canopy of shade for the shade loving plants that grow in our shade garden at the front of the house.

The white hydrangea in front of our guest room almost covered the window. The decorative tall grass, 'Karl Forester' reed grass, near the front door was sturdy enough to stand up to the beginning snowfalls.

In the spring we had a couple of additions to our family. We had a family of mourning doves decide to build their nest on the stack of firewood on our front porch. After they had three broods of chicks they decided to leave the cleanup chores to us and they moved out during the night without paying their rent.

Notice the one chick under mama watching us closely. The other was turned around and didn't want to watch that scary guy with the camera.

It was interesting to watch them grow. When it was time for them to leave the nest the parents just didn't return to feed them. However, when they did leave we saw the parents teaching them how to get food from our bird feeder in our backyard.

This spring Lynn bought a new mower. He had been using a lawn tractor with a 50" mower deck plus a 32" offset mower that he would pull as he mowed. In effect, it made the effective mowing width about 68" when considering the amount of overlap required. Each time he mowed the lawn it would take about 5 to 6 hours of mowing time.

The new mower is a zero turn mower with a 52" deck powered by a 25 hp motor. Because he can mow at a faster rate of speed and not lose time while turning it has cut his mowing time down to 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

As the year progressed we were greeted with some beautiful sunsets. Baptiste took the sunset photo while he was here.

It's time to close for 2009. To quote the shortest poem ever written we close with the words of the poet who wrote

Dang, it's cold

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