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The beautiful close-up photos on this page were taken by our friend, Frank Salas. The wide angle vista photos and garden walk were taken by Lynn. We trust you will enjoy them as much as we do. 

In June Crystal's gardens were featured as one of six gardens in a garden walk hosted by the Saginaw Historical Museum. Over 800 people attended. In the picture above the waterfall garden is shown surrounded by Crystal's miniature roses garden.

This is a similar view of the waterfall garden about two months later.

The watch cat, sitting on his picnic table at the koi garden, keeps track of the garden walk visitors.

Visitors were surprised as 24" long koi swam past them. One young girl said, "Ma, They're huge!"

This photo of the koi garden was taken in August.

Cannas act as a backdrop at the waterfall garden. This photo was taken in August. Notice how the plants have grown over the brick paving giving the brick edging a soft look.

This begins Frank's series of photos. This is our back bed, in June, looking toward the north.

The same bed looking toward the south

By the end of the year this rose completely covered the arbor.

The following are a mixed collection of roses. Crystal's garden currently contains over 360 roses that are comprised of approximately 300 varieties. Intermixed with the roses are a variety of perennials.

English Rose - Queen Elizabeth

Flutterby in the north-east garden.


Our first waterfall garden visitor. He had a girl friend who joined him a couple of weeks later. They must have had kids because by late summer we found a small frog. We assumed it was one of theirs.

Water lillies in the fish pond.

White Rugossas in the south garden.

Winter Arrives

The first snowfall, November 23rd, was a fluffy one. At this point in time, the skeleton for the rose cone frame is not covered with fabric nor are the boxes that house multiple rose bushes. This work of putting the Styrofoam covering on the boxes and the translucent cover over the cone frame will happen a couple of days later.

The ribs of the rose cone skeleton are covered with snow. Rose Hill is getting ready for a long winter's nap.

Crystal's new rose bed at the front of the house go to sleep for the winter. The Redbud ( tree on the left) looks like a snow skeleton as does the Flowering Crab to the right.

It doesn't look like a flowering crab tree anymore. Mother Nature has put her blanket on the shade/fern garden near the front entrance.

Here it is, December 12th, without a bit of snow on the ground. Rose Hill is covered as are the rose box enclosures. Mother Nature can do her stuff now as the rose beds are all settled in for a long winter's nap.


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