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Dublin, Ireland

(Sat-Aug 15) The next day we were in Dublin, Ireland. Lynn wanted to purchase a really crooked shillelagh. We asked at a local shop where we could find one and were directed to a store, about 6 blocks away, that we were told, “had a lot of them.” When we arrived at the store we were told, “We just sold out of them but our sister store that is only about 10 minutes away has some.” So we walked another seven blocks.

When we inquired at the second store we were led to a display that indeed had a lot of them if you wanted one that was 6 inches long. They were nothing more than sticks. We told the clerk that we were looking for a shillelagh that could be used as a cane. Again, we were directed to go just a few blocks away to another store. Again, the same thing happened. At the fourth store we gave up and quit looking. We then got on an on/off bus and took a tour of the city for about 1 ˝ hours before returning to the ship.

The following are photos taken while on the bus tour.

Jim Larkin was a hero of sort. He spoke out against the oppressive Irish government and led what became a lengthy battle between the protestants and the Catholics. His statue has 5 bullet holes in it.

As we rolled along we could see telltale evidence of the was that ended in the late '90's. Note the bullet hole in the right breast of the statue.

St. Patrick's Cathedral dominates a block.

On our way back to the ship we travel through the  modern area of Dublin. The architecture, although clean and stunning, coexists with the old traditional look in many areas.

This is the main entrance to the Guinness brewery. The brewery as seen from across the River Liffey.

Seven bridges cross the River Liffey.

One of the original foot bridges was built solely for foot traffic. When it opened the caretaker was instructed to collect a fee for crossing. Nobody told him what to charge so he decided the toll would be 1/2 penny per crossing. From that it got its name as the Hapenny Bridge.

Following our tour, and failing in our quest to find a shillelagh, we returned to the ship to travel to our next port of call, Liverpool, England.

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