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We decided to take a cruise aboard the Crown Princess of the British Isles during August of 2009. Although Crystal was born and raised in England, she had never seen most of the cities we would visit so it was something new for her as well. It would be our third cruise in 2009.

(Wed-Aug 12) We arrived at Heathrow Airport, near London, about 8:30am and boarded a bus for a one hour trip to Southampton where we got aboard our ship -- the Crown Princess. The next morning (Thur-Aug 13) we awoke at St. Peter Port that is near Guernsey. It was overcast all day until we left.

We did take a short walk into town through a park. We found the statue interesting and historic. With the drizzling rain we called it quits.

At that point the sun came out to wave to us we sailed away. We were to learn that during our stay of 18 days it would only rain twice for that whole time. The first time it rained for nine days and the second time eight days.

We're going to take our tour a little bit in reverse. Upon our return from the cruise we took a train from Southampton, England to Wales, England to visit with relatives for three days. While there it also rained. During our visit we visited the town of Cardiff as well as the town where Crystal's father was born -- Cumfelinfalch. Unfortunately, the photos Lynn took on the visit to this town were lost so we can't look at them. However, those that were retained of our visit in Cardiff were found. They are as follows:

In order to speak in Wales one must learn how to wrap  their tongue around their front teeth. The photo on the right are city residential homes or apartments.

In Wales, as in England, dogs are part of the landscape. Notice the dog sitting on the sidewalk near the center of the photo. It was tied there. It was told to stay. The owner left a dish of water for it as he or she went about their shopping. Just after taking the photo the owner walked out of a shop, picked up the water bowl and they both walked away.

We found the mannequins in the window to be interesting. I guess when someone says that a person dresses like a dog them sort of mean it.

This bronze statue stood in the square.

As we walked out of a small shop we were greeted by this pooch.

A view of one of the valleys near Cardiff near where Crystal's dad grew up.

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