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September 2007

We left our home at 2:15pm on the 1st when the taxi picked us up to take us to the MBS airport. From there we flew to Chicago for a 6:30pm departure. Unfortunately, our plane had a flat tire and a new one had to be flown to the airport as there were no spares available. There was another plane in the hangar also being repaired for a later flight to London. In short, we wound up flying to London on that plane leaving at 10:30pm. We suspect the passengers that were to take that flight left a couple of hours later when they were able to fix the tire on the plane.

We arrived at Heathrow around 9:30am (their time) only to find that one of two pieces of luggage was missing. This was one time that Crystal hadn't split our clothing between two bags. Her bag was the one missing. To make a long story short, the airline paid her $50 for the lost luggage and we went to a waiting station for bus transport to the ship by Princess.

While we were waiting two things happened. The missing luggage had been found on the tarmac of the airport. It had fallen off the wagon that carried the luggage from the plane to the terminal. Second, a man went running wildly by being chased by a half dozen security guards. We heard later that he was a green peace protester that had smuggled a weapon into the secure area and had been spotted.

Shortly thereafter our bus arrived to transport us to Southampton, about 2 - 3 hours away. We boarded the ship around 2:00pm and began our two week journey. Below is a map that tracks our journey to Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. We were to stop in Newfoundland but a hurricane that we sailed into between Greenland and Norway changed those plans and we finished our cruise in New York on the day planned.

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