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Gardens 2003


The winter of 2003 started off cold and stayed that way. Spring took its time by arriving late around May. Our flowering crabapple and the redbud trees were among the first to welcome the sunshine.

Not to be outdone by the trees we found these little wild flowers, Johnny Jumpups, growing alongside the brick pathway next to the Waterfall Garden.

Crystal experienced quite a bit of winter damage to her roses but she only lost one plant. Alas, this was the year she decided to not cover all of them with the protective boxes. The lack of snowfall and extreme duration of sub-zero cold took its toll.

Most required extensive pruning to remove the "dead" portion of the stalks. Nevertheless, when June arrived the gardens did their best to show their stuff.


The following photos are some we found buried away in a photo album. The time frame is July of 1991. We had just purchased our house and the first project was to build the fish pond.

  The photo (top left) was taken from the back edge of the mowed lawn. There were standing two spruce trees with a bed of petunias separating them. In the photo above (top right and bottom left) you can see where the edge of the lawn was.

In the photo above Lynn (left) is finishing the concrete cap that surrounds the pool. His son John and grandsons John and Joe are standing next to their dad.

Lynn got a kick out the questions the kids were asking such as, "Grandpa, why is the pond separated into two parts?"

Lynn went into an elaborate story of how he has a fresh water shark as a part of the fish collection. He explained to them that it was important for the shark to be able to swim in a straight line for a short time. "That is why there is a link between the two parts. If I had made it just one big rectangle the shark would be swimming in a sort of circle, would become weak and not survive. So, we made the pond with a link between them so it would have to swim straight in order to get to the other side."

The kids bought the story and Lynn was having a quiet chuckle from having told it. A little while later the kids left to do something more interesting to them. At that time John asked Lynn, "Dad, do you really have a fresh water shark?"

Lynn has enjoyed telling that story from time to time.

June 2003

This winter we lost five Koi, the longest of which was 29 1/2" long. Currently, there are 10 Koi and 6 Shebunken. The photo above shows three of the Koi that are about 20" long. Interestingly, all of the fish in the pond were born in it. About eight years ago the floating heater that Lynn puts in the pond to keep it free of an ice cap shorted out and electrocuted all of the fish. When Lynn proceeded to drain the pond to clean it in the spring he noticed some fingerlings that we were unaware of. Thus, our pond has always been home to them.


The photo (above left & left) is of the mini-rose bed that surrounds the Waterfall Garden. In the photo above (right) it is located at the left end of the photo. The fishPond Garden is to the right of the brick enclosed area.

The next series of photos were taken from atop the roof of the house looking toward the west.





Photo (left) shows our south and Center Garden. Rose hill is located behind the barn. Photo (right) shows the west back garden as well as the Waterfall Garden in the foreground.


The photo (left) is of the South Garden located behind the tree. Our vegetable garden is located the south of this garden. The South Garden is primarily Rugosa roses. The photo (right) is taken from the barn looking to the east. The Center Garden is the "S" shaped garden on the left with the South Garden on the right.


The photo (left) is taken from the western edge of our property. All of the pine trees along the west, north and southern edges were moved. When we moved in the trees were about 12' tall growing in a straight line located between the center and South Gardens. 

We moved them in August (13 trees) and all survived.



William Baffin is the name of the rose that covers the arbor. Our daughter Janice is in the left photo. The photo (lower right), Morden Centennial, is growing up a second arbor located near the south end of the West Garden. This arbor will be replaced with a more sturdy one in the spring.

June was also the month that Crystal's sister Yvonne and her husband Brian traveled from Oxford, England to vacation with us. We met them in New York City and wore our feet off looking at the sights for a week. From there we flew home together and then traveled to Canada as well as doing some interesting things in Michigan. Each Friday we spent time together with them and our friends Hugh and Betty Watters.

The photo (left) was taken a day before they had to return home. (left to right) Yvonne Newell, Crystal Kauer, Betty Watters, Brian Newell, Hugh Watters. Heidi is taking a rest while keeping her eye on Lynn taking the picture.

Closeups in June

Betty Boop


Delphinium (left) & Poppy (right)


Scentimental (left) and Gold Marie (right)




Convolvulus (blue variety)

Convolvulus (pink variety)

Close-ups in July

Annabelle Hydrangea

Astilbe (left) & Daisy with Bee Balm companion (right)



West Garden (upper left) with Pond Garden in foreground. (Upper right) West Garden with Waterfall Garden in foreground.

View taken from rear deck with Waterfall Garden in foreground (lower left) and Pond Garden (lower right) taken from the roof.


The Canna Lilies are beginning their stretch to reach the sky alongside the Waterfall Garden.

Notice how the purple Alyssum is growing over the edges of the brick from the Mini Rose bed, softening the edge.

The photos below are of the Front Garden. This garden was started last year following the removal of a number of overgrown shrubs that covered the front facade.

Last fall we had an underground sprinkler system installed for all of the gardens so that the plants can be watered automatically using soaker hoses. Each Garden has its own zone(s) and are timed to provide the correct amount of water.

Photo (bottom right) is of a shade garden located below the redbud tree.

The pink and yellow water lilies started to bloom in late July. Lynn bought a water hyacinth around the first of August.  Normally, it just spreads across the water trailing long root that clean the water. One morning, when Lynn looked at the pond he noticed the hyacinth was blooming. Two hours after the photo was taken the bloom had disappeared.

Notice how similar its color and shape is as compared to an iris.

Annabelle Hydrangea (white plant)




Crystal found this lovely statue of a girl running at a local nursery. She stands about 4' tall. The photo on the right is the latest addition of a group of bird houses. So far this year, there have been at least four families of birds that have been raised in two of the houses. The rose growing in front of the house on the right is called Fourth of July.



Sunset Photos

July and August presented us with some interesting sunsets. Lynn has been experimenting with his new digital camera to see what can happen when a photo is taken at sunset. The photos above are some of the results. The backgrounds are of the sun setting sky.

Critters in our Gardens


Sometimes we see a colorful moth. Other times, just a bug.

Our butterfly bush attracted the usual Monarch Butterfly. The Yellow Swallowtail was a treat.

Tina, our cat, enjoys stalking the bird feeder. Although she tries, the birds have caught on to her stalking. It's funny to watch the cardinals land on the upper arm supporting the feeder and survey the hydrangea bush Tina love to hide under.

Although Tina has her shortcoming ( no front claws ) she has managed to capture three saber toothed mice this summer. We haven't figured out which pose she used to lull them into her lair.

(Lower Left) Here mousey mousey.



Our daughter, Renee, is picking some of her first fruits of her labor. The plants behind her are her tomatoes.

Mid-August Brings On A Second Bloom

Back Garden and Waterfall Garden


(Upper Left) The waterfall garden is spreading its wings to cover the brick sidewalk surrounding it. (Upper Right) The pink Hydrangeas are beginning to show its colors. You can see it also in the lower left photo. The lower right photo is of one of the blooms. They are about the size of a dinner plate.

Crystal is standing between Sally Holmes (white) and Kathryn Morley in her front garden.

Rose hill is in its splendor. (Upper Right) Golden Celebration lives up to its name.

Our home is a sea of color. Just outside of our living room window (upper left) Crystal is holding  Kathryn Morley. In our back garden the Black Eyed Susan's are competing with the roses for "King of Show."


(Upper Left) Morden Centennial is growing so tall it's causing the arbor to tip. (Upper Right) Helen Traubel is blooming her heart out.

(Left) Mr. Lincoln is always a favorite with his bright red color.

One evening we had a gorgeous sunset. Lynn took the time to just take a couple of close-ups of roses in the evening twilight. The setting sun gave them a surrealistic  glow.








(Above - Yellow) Happy Child

Fourth of July

(Above- Pink) Helen Traubel Starts and solid pink and changes to white with pink spots.

(Above - Orange) Playboy

White Iceberg (white) snuggling with Europeana (red)

(Pink w/ Yellow) Tiffany

(3 Red) Winnipeg Parks      (Pink) Pink Peace

(Pink) Tournament of Roses      (Mauve) Lady X

(Mauve) Blueberry Hill    (Dark Pink) Morden Centennial 

(Orange) Playboy   (Pink) Betty Prior

Red Hydrangea & White Hydrangea


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